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Why being a mother is not a JOB!

Why being a mother is not a JOBBeing a mother is much more and beyond a job. It is unfair to call motherhood journey as a thankless job. Being a mother is not a job because it’s far beyond emotions and life experience that nothing else but only a baby can provide. It’s a woman’s biggest milestone in life because not only emotionally but physically also everything changes. It’s giving birth to womanhood.That is why being a mother is not a job.

You are not a girl, you are not just female but a defined and better version of yourself. No job on this earth can motivate you enough to drastically improve to the extent that you surprise yourself. A Mother is not a female who just gave birth to a baby. She is a warrior who has carried pounds of weight on her and hours of unbearable pain to get another life on earth. A mother is someone who is making this world grow and nurture.

Let’s see why being a mother is not a job –

Why being a mother is not a JOB

1. There is no job where the probation is more than 6 month, but motherhood experience starts with changing physically and carrying kilos of weight on you. This start lasts for 9 months- let’s just laugh saying it is 9 months long probation which does not in real life exist other than being a mom

2. A few minute old mom not only has to be a great mother but she needs to stay the same -being perfect at being a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend and many more roles. No real job expects you to master all department of the workplace. You just simply be good at one department and you are done.

3. You have to master all the roles of life, whether it is a mother or teacher or friend or doctor or nurse. You can be called to advise on any roles anytime of the day or night. There is no real job where you have been a doctor and accountant and pilot and so on round the clock.

4. O ! And it’s not a 5am-9pm or 10-12 hours a day job. It’s a lifetime endless job. You are working 24 hours a day for rest of the life. Being a mother means multiple roles and hence 24hours on-call duty.

5. So in a real office job or business, you get a weekend to relax and sleep a little extra or chill with your friends or simply do nothing and lazy around in bed. But there are and never will be any weekends for mom. You are working every year without any leave and that includes sick leave. Even when you are sick you need to be strong for your kids.

6. Vacation and festive seasons are even more exhausting. In a real-life office, you have a happy face to look at and holiday to spend time with family but when you are a mom. You work double shifts to keep everyone happy and make sure everything goes smooth be it a festival or a vacation. O if you ever go on vacation it is also fun for other because you are worrying around about public embarrassment caused by child’s tantrum or your teenage child is having a mood swing.

7. Read office job means money and saving and spending on yourself. Motherhood means no money, no saving, in fact, more and more expenses. You never get a penny to serve 24hours all the year for rest of your life. You might not shop for yourself but ll always make sure your baby looks like a prince or princess.

8. O and you only get promoted once or maximum twice in your life depending upon your life expectancy. Imagine a decade of work and one promotion from being a mother to grandmother. Which means now you have to do everything you do twice. And in real office job you get promoted in worse can scenario at least every 3-4 years

9. When you are in a real office job, you can quit or take a sabbatical or retire. But once you are a mom you are always a mom. Even if your child stays in a different city or place. You still worry for them just the way you were worried when they were in your womb. There is no retiring from being a mother.

Hence proved- being a mom is not a job. No one can work endlessly and unconditionally like this other than a mother. The Word ‘mother’ is above all.

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15 thoughts on “Why being a mother is not a JOB!

  1. To the point! Its not a job but a loving responsibility. Now a days we see all the menbers of family sharing that responsibility and not limiting it saying that its just a woman’s responsibility. Thats a welcoming sign!

  2. Motherhood is the greatest blessing in this universe. This universe is created by motherhood for all living beings. Motherhood was there even when there was no concept of job type engagements. Article has very well explained the uniqueness of motherhood. Stay blessed.

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