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What should be your child’s first toys


First time parent goes through a lot of purchase struggle and this confusion of shopping begins at pregnancy. One of the most common and basic thing that a parent forget in shopping list is toys until the baby is 3months old. Basically, once the baby starts expressing emotions, it is then when parents understand the need for toys. It is very difficult especially in today era to decide the right choice for your child. Indecision over what to shop and what not to. What is and why is that particular product great for your kids.


What should be your child’s first toys

Here is a quick short list of toys you can shop for your baby other than crib toy and baby gym. Both these toys are for exciting the kids towards motor skills and encourage body movement. There are few crib toys which also help in soothing babies at night and put them to bed.

1. Rattle – Introduce your child to rattles at around 3 months age when they are learning to hold things and fiddle with them. This toy helps in their muscular grasping power and slowly they move the toy from one day to another. Purchase different textured rattles like cloth, wooden, rubber/silicon and plastic. This way you are also helping your child with his sensory development.

2. Books – Don’t be surprised, it is the best visual aid you can give to your child. Buy age-appropriate books for your child. Start with touch and feel books. Make sure there are big colorful pictures and fewer words. Read to them to encourage reading and communication.

3. Finger puppets – This is the best way to have some fun and teach your child. They can easily learn the spatial concept by watching you insert the cloth puppet in your fingers. You can teach them about different kinds of animals and build endless stories.

4. Ball drop toy – This is a fun toy and keeps the child busy. The excitement of dropping the ball and the sound is fun for kids. It is a great toy for motor skills and eye-hand coordination. It helps them understand the concept of gravity.

5. Stacking toy – 6months onwards you can expect your child to hold objects with great grip.This is a great cognitive and eye-hand coordination toy. It encourages the child to understand the shape, smaller, bigger and stacking concept. Your child only ll be able to completely and independently play this toy at age 1year plus but the early introduction helps fast-track the process.

Kids are always very fascinated with music and noisy toys. I would like to recommend music toys like Drums or xylophone which are manually played and not battery driven. Manual music toys stimulate their imagination. Try to keep your child away from automated toys as long as possible because those toys exploit child’s brain with answers and not with questions. Everything is served on a platter with automated toys.

Set your child free with manual toys for them to explore new ways to plays and imagine.

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