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Tips on how to comfort a colic baby

Tips on how to comfort a colic babyColic stands for a crying baby episode lasting for more than three hours for three days in a week for three weeks, normally starts at same time. ( late afternoon or evening ). This normally starts after 2-3 weeks of baby birth. It is difficult to handle a colic baby of the crying. There are certain tips that can help a colic baby.

Please note- it’s not a desease it’s just a phase where the baby is struggling with gas issues. A growing digestive system with muscles that often spasm. Colic babies are no way different from other babies. Every baby goes through gas issues.The intensity of gas and crying is referred to as colic.

It’s is very important that you don’t medicate your baby for this. Your baby is not sick. Your baby is just developing his/her organs. Hence no Ayurvedic or homeopathic medicine is needed. All the baby needs is mother’s touch and lots of patience.

Tips for comforting a colic baby –

1. Always make the baby burp after feeding( breast or bottle )

2. Put the baby in straight up lift position after feeding for good 20mins

Tips on how to comfort a colic baby3. Give baby’s tummy, time ( lay the baby on his/ her tummy and keep a pillow under her/his stomach) this technique helps in passing the gas

4. Raise you baby’s legs in air and let the gas pass

5. Raise your baby’s folded legs and get it close to his/her stomach for gas to pass.

6. Take your baby for evening walks when such episode occurs

7. Hold you baby is 45% to comfort her/ him and for the gas pass.

Also please note baby will cry and there is nothing to worry. This is a normal phenomenon of the baby’s growth. No medication is needed or recommended as they are only for parents philosophical peace. It does not help the baby.


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