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Sweet Pinch



This is the one about balance. And it happened the day India played a T-20 match against West Indies .We often forget the equilibrium toward love. We get possessed towards our liking and then everything seems fine until we lose what we love. Lose and love have three letters in common , but they are so contradicting to their respective nature. These common letters- L.O.E , can stand for – lot of efforts. It take a lot to love and even more courage to accept losing.That day my patriotism was at its best for India. It was even harder to see them lose. But then our lives and a match always have their ups and downs and the fun lies in sailing in the storm.

I had dressed comfortably in a black spaghetti and Pajama. To add balance to the outfit, the blend of sky blue and white cloud stripe helped me complete the look.

Sometimes I wonder what patterns are. Some of them are so equally balanced and some are so disproportionate. Having said that, I believe the most balanced pattern is stripes. The gap between them is not the emptiness but the fulfilling space of the color. It’s not a broken solid color , rather it’s a balance to shatter the color. They are safe to blend with solids and psychedelic. These broken color complete the other colors. The catch is to identify which color is broken in my shirt and which color is filling the gap. I would like to see it as white being the shattered color and blue being the one that fills the gap.
The look is perfect for a cup of coffee or a sip of smoothie. The stripe here is breaking the monotonous black and to add the mischief we have the bow. Now up your head and let it hold the flow of your hair.Those who say stripes make you look fat , may be right from where they are watching. But for me, it’s the sweetest pinch of fashion in your hollow clothes.


{Outfit details} Stripe boyfriend shirt – Top secret; Black spaghetti – Aeropostale ; Black lower –  Gap ; Neck piece – Street shopping Delhi; Bow- street shopping Hong Kong ; Canvas shoes – G2000

Balance your garment especially when you know the day might end up long. Don’t over burden yourself or experiment when you know you can come home tired and even the smallest red nail paint might look exhausting. Keep the look simple.

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