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SKOTTON – My second skin : cotton

Strap your thoughts and veil your secret. We all have something to hide. Although, I consider myself like an open book, but you would never know what’s inside me. We all our deceptive. We be what we want to be. We often feel expressing make us look weak or stupid. We just control the thunder inside us to keep the outside world calm.
We make everything complicated, God sent us nude and believed that we will live that way. But we messed it up and covered every single reality of our presence. Sometimes even the ugliest is the prettiest. We want people to see the best in us because deep down we all know there a devil inside us,trying to scream out and destroy our world. This hide and seek game of real and fake is unbeatable. We forge our thoughts to look more suitable. What counts the most , is, that one should not forget who she/he is in this mock-up reality.
I feel it’s okay to hide as long as you know the real you!


This is why I love the fabric cotton , nothing you do can kill it’s real character. It will make you look lazy and shabby, yet alluring. One of the oldest fabric , it’s presence may have faded in today’s fast moving fashion or should I say , has been belted with visionaries.
It’s the most perfectly imperfect fabric. It doesn’t help you with your body essentials and makes everything awful with its wrinkle and stiffness, but what’s best about this fabric is that it lets you be you. Your skin can breathe, soak its sweat, air passes you , you feel YOU! Even the wrinkled fabric is enticing, the faulty lines on your ironed shirt makes you look even more unique. You, beneath that crushed outfit doesn’t only give you a carefree comfort , but also makes you stand out amongst all the manmade synthetic world. It’s the closest soft thing to nature that can touch your skin all the time.


{Outfit details} Flare top – Turkey street shopping ; White kape – Hong kong street shopping ; Watch – Espriti ; Roman footwear – Forever21 ; Sunglasses – Rayban ;       Trouser – Next
I am glad I bought this white cotton Cape from Hong Kong in my official buying trip. It’s one of its kind. Designed beautifully to mess up the fall. The layering in the cape gives it room to play with the wrinkles on the garment and leaving the aesthetic beauty untouched. This Cape is one of my favourite buys from HK street shopping. Thanks to the humid countries in this world that we are still able to enjoy cotton fabric. I wanted to be pretty white and comfortable on that sunny day in Dubai, what’s better than white cotton with waterfall silhouette. The marigold yellow flared top helped the babybump breathe the air and to team up the look thanks to the white trousers and my Roman flats.
Comfortable dressing for sunny days where layering lets you dress up like onion, freedom to peel off the skin, if too hot , or stay in the skin if the air conditioning is too cold.

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  1. Beautifully written Danisha. I love how you are dressing up during your pregnancy. Completely different from the stereotypical maternity wear look. It’ refreshing!

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