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First-time mom baby shopping list

First-time-mom, I know how it feels to carry kilos of weight in your belly and worry about what’s coming next. A lot of panicking, frustration, anxiety, inquisitiveness for being a first-time-mom. In your last trimester the focus from getting your baby delivered moves to nursery shopping. What you need, what you don’t need, how much is enough, how much is a lot etc.Here is a first-time mom baby shopping list to keep her calm -Let’s start with YOU.

Yes! YOU would too need stuff too! Don’t be excited, it’s all very boring.

1. Nursing clothes – anything that opens easily from the front, a gown if u prefer or a loose boyfriend shirt. Basically, anything that has buttons infront.

2. Nursing bra – they are a must, as my doctor quotes-“don’t come running to me that my boobs hurt, because they would if u don’t wear proper good quality support bra as milk gets collected in your breasts and then they form knots”. Just for everyone to know I had the best and most brutal doctor. One day I’ll write about her too. So buy in fact invest in a good quality nursing support bra. My recommendation is #Medela. Please see they are as expensive as Victoria secret. Also, note it’s a need, not desire but a need. Please buy them.

3. Nursing pad – be prepared this can happen anytime anywhere in day or night, you breast might leak milk. These pads protect you from any embarrassment or wetting you clothes.

4. Sanitary napkins – stock the ones which ever is your brand. Change them every 2-3 hours.

5. Disposable panties – this is an optional buy. It’s to safeguard laundry efforts as you might end up with dirty panties frequently.

6. Pumping machine – my recommendation is an electric dual pumper. This definitely hurts your pocket. There are manual breast pump and as well as single breast pumper. I personally think being a mom leaves you with no time on earth. So dual electric breast pumper does the job fast, in say 15-20mins. This, you can buy after delivery as your breast might have milk and might not. Best thing to do is to borrow them from friends or family or rent it(The US has the provision of renting it)

Told you boring but essential!

Now what you need for your baby 🙂
1. Baby needs you – She/ he needs mom and only mom for most of the time. The only thing that’s super expensive but comes free is time. And your baby will need you all the time. You will feel caged and frustrated, So just give each other some time to settle down and don’t give up soon.

2. Clothes – Jumper, rompers, onesies what you want to call them. For first three months try to make your baby wear only one suit dress. No elastic or weight on neck or wrist. Jumpers are comfortable for babies with front and bottom buttons and flexible neckline. It’s the easiest dress for the diaper change. Don’t shop for a lot of them initially especially for first two weeks. Baby will outgrow the clothes in 14 days and then you will need a bigger size. So buy around 10 jumpers at most for size 0-3 months old. Try not to shop for new born size. Bigger clothes are much better. I recommend shopping more from supermarkets as baby clothes get small real fast. There is no point wasting money on something that your baby won’t wear for long. You can mix your purchase from supermarkets and baby stores to feel happily satisfied.

First-time mom baby shopping list

3. Diapers – NO recommendation on this one. I am using #PamperPremium for my baby ever since her birth. Diaper are hit are try thing. You need to try what brand suits your baby the best. Also, don’t buy the pant diapers as they are very difficult to wear and change. Buy normal diaper with tape on the sides.Pant diaper are inconvenient as your baby is not big enough to stand and enter her/ his legs in the diaper.

First-time mom baby shopping list
4. Wet wipes – my all time favorite are #Chubs which are available in Dubai. They are big in size and wet with amazing fragrance. Use the wipes which have aloe extract and no alcohol. Chicco wipes were also good but nothing beats Chubs. I honestly tried all types and kinds of wipes. Chubs wipes are very big, extra smooth, thick and have a cotton feel to them. Try your luck online if you don’t stay in Dubai.

5. Wash clothes – You need burp cloth, wash cloth, handkerchief and you need a lot of them. They come handy if the baby spits or pukes. It’s easy to wipe her face or bump in case of emergency. You would need them for sponge etc.

6. Swaddling cloth – Around 4-6 of these would be enough.These are basically big large square size fabric that your tie your baby in.

7. Baby blanket – 4 baby blankets would be enough. You can create a set of two blankets; one you can lay down on her/his bedding and use the other to cover her/ him. No matter what season your baby is born in, they need to be kept warm for a good number of days.

8. Changing sheet – My recommendation is at least 4 of them. The front on the sheet would be fabric and the backside would be plastic. Use them while changing your baby’s diaper. Babies have no control over their bladder. It helps you keep your changing area dry and clean. You can also use this sheet when you keep your baby diaper free.

9. Baby cot – it’s a must buy if you want to teach your Baby about space and independence. I am not against co-sleeping. But I feel habits need to be developed from the very first day. Your baby is kept in a small crib even in the hospital. Mom’s touch is undoubtedly important for the baby but so is the understanding of space. Buy an adjustable cot. The level of cot should be high initially and then when your baby starts sitting or standing, lower down the height of the cot. This way the baby is safe in the cot. Mattress , bedding purchase should be according to the cot size. One mattress and three bedding sheets would be enough initially. Put a changing sheet over the bedding so that if the baby spits or vomits in sleep , the mattress and bedding are clean.

First-time mom baby shopping list

10. Baby toiletries – none for the first 40 or minimum of 30 days. No powder for the baby as it can lead to a cough etc, people say asthma can be caused by the smell and powder. So use baby cream. I love my baby’s body lotion- it’s from #MotherCare (pink bottle).You would need shampoo and body wash for your baby. I have been using #Sebamed products, so far no complaints. You would need baby oil for body massage but that starts after 1 month. You can put it down on your purchase list. Oil again is like diaper you need to try them and see how your baby’s skin is reacting to it. One oil that normally doesn’t react is coconut oil. Although I have been using #Figaro olive oil and #Johnson baby oil. But I have tried everything with her from mustard oil to ghee. Only thing that worked was coconut oil.

First-time mom baby shopping list

11. Bathing chair – this is a recliner where you baby can lay flat until he/ she start sitting. They normally come with net covers so that the water just flows out. It is adjustable and can be set in three different position from flat to chair and also has a belt to tie your baby up so that he/she doesn’t roll over. It’s an amazing invention of mankind after diapers.

First-time mom baby shopping list

12. Bottles – this definitely goes on your list even if you are all pumped up for breastfeeding. Not all moms are lucky with breast milk. In fact it takes few days for breast milk to form. Till then you would need to feed your baby. You will be either using bottle or spoon to feed the baby. If you are using bottle then buy Avent BPA free bottles. You just need 2-3 bottles initially . Size would be between 60-120ml. These bottles are not cheap but best for babies as they come with natural nipples. Natural nipples means bottles nipples are close to how a mom’s nipples feel. While buying these bottles take help from the shopkeeper. Nipples have hole in them depending on the age of the baby you are feeding. For first three months use only 1 hole nipple.

13. Bottle steriliser – now that you have bottles you would need Steriliser to clean your bottle. In old times bottles use to be boiled after cleaning them. With great minds and technology there are devices to help you around . Buy 6 bottle steriliser as they are also adjustable. Initially can be used for less number of bottles and then can be adjusted for 6 bottles. I am using #Chicco and am pretty satisfied.

First-time mom baby shopping list

14. Bottle cleaning liquid – there is only one that I know and it’s from #Pigeon. You would need a bottle brush to clean the bottles. This cleaning liquid is safe for babies.

15. Bottle cleaning brush- these are petty things we forget . Although if you buy an #Avent bottle set you would get one brush along with a pacifier in it.

First-time mom baby shopping list

16. First-year kit – this is a kit which has a baby nail cutter ( super useful ), noisy sucker and two medicine dispensers. This can be considered optional but was pretty useful to me.

I think you are all sorted for at least the first three months. Don’t worry – slowly and steadily wins the race. We all learn through experiences. You will soon get your own. I am always available on lovethatyoucanbuy Instagram. Message me anytime you need any help.

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  2. Such an informative post! I will suggest this read to all my new moms and moms-to-be friends…When the baby is on the way, loads of prep is needed and when they are infant? Whoa! another bug prep…

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