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ShopBack is Mommy’s online shopping companion!

A mom’s life is confined to home, playground, school and play dates.There is hardly any time to think beyond motherhood. Having kids is fun and a big responsibility; emotionally and financially. I would love to go to malls and local markets to buy products and determine the best affordable option but sadly outing with kids to a busy place is not a great idea. So what do I do?I shop online, which has come as a blessing to us as a family.And to top up my happiness, I have Shopback which makes everything worth buying. Shopback is a mommy’s online shopping companion.

Life in Singapore can be tough especially because everything is not available next door for me. The closest mall to my place is 900meter away, a grocery store is 1.5kilomtrs away. I am a non-working mom of a 1year old baby who is just learning to run around and wouldn’t leave my sight. This age is full of anxiety and inquisitiveness, hence mall visit is not a cake walk. We pretty much shop online from baby rash cream to dishwasher. Well, we started getting dependent on online shopping a lot and now that everything is just a click away be it grocery sites like Honestbee or stylish dress from your favourite brands like Cotton On.

Basically, online shopping is addictive and we often tend to order a lot of unnecessary stuff. Thankfully someone asked me to try out Shopback and it has come as a blessing to us.

ShopBack is Mommy's online shopping companion!
What is Shopback?

Shopback is a website/app which gets you best of the deal and discount along with cash back on every online shopping. They are associated with more than 500+stores. They are top cashback site in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines.

How does it work –

ShopBack is Mommy's online shopping companion!
Simply download the button on your browser and whenever you shop online, Click on the button to check what discount/deals or cash back is available. The deals can vary from not only, travel, electronics to fashion. It is that simple all you have to look out for is in ShopBack. Check the link to understand for whom it works. It’s the simplest and easiest way to have unlimited shopping experience without burning your pocket.

Shopback is a blessing for today’s generation’s moms, where they are always squeezed for time and always on the run. Whether it is grocery or skin care products or fashion wear. Shopback is working hard through cashback and deals such as iHerb coupons and more to make your time and purchase worthwhile. To enjoy all these coupons, join shopback!

Shopback is a great cashback facilitator bridging the gap between your pocket and desires. Shopback is this mommy online shopping buddy. It’s hassle-free with weird brand offers and great discounts. My experience has been marvelous. It’s time for you to explore for yourself. Click here find out about all the stores that you can save money at while shopping online.


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