Settling for equality 

Everyone talks about gender equality, but somehow I can’t get my mind off girls being the best. We are not equal to men , we are better than men.


 {Outfit details} Indo western salwar kameez – Nali ; Watch – Guess ; Footwear – Aldo ; Neckpiece – Aldo ; Earnings – Delhi street shopping

She was the queen and there was no king

She was to rule and he was to lead

He cut the wood and got the food

She was misunderstood and he gave her the tiara of servanthood

He then played a game , tricked the queen in his chain

She gave up her crown and was caged to the ground

She never complained and continued the game

He became the king and felt amazing

Everyone lived in fear nothing was clear

One day she realised there is no love in this life,

She loved and cared , but didnt stop judging

There was no end to this new beginning

She felt like a fool , she had fallen in a vicious pool

Her dreams were taken, her voice was Smothered

Now was the time to stand , come out from fairyland

She used her head and heart, forgot her past

It was time to fight her love and win back her throne

Now she doesn’t rest just to prove she is the best

The world denies the truth and rely on lie

She is so confused she is happy living a tie

18 thoughts on “Settling for equality 

  1. I love it!! Comparing irrespective of good or bad is so annoying !! Why do we need to be equal !! Men and women both are best at what they do !! Why are we in a race of whose the best !! Can’t we just be the way we are !! Can’t we just walk together !! 😊💗🙋

  2. You’ve rhymed pretty well but I think the last line is forced in rhyme so the sense is getting lost. I think of rhymes with each letter of the alphabet and then choose.

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