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My Parenting mantra 

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Parenting to me is very new and honestly, it’s an on going learning. So far, parenting to me means loads of fun. Initially, I felt very overwhelmed with all this parenting and raising a kid. But with time, almost a year now, My parenting mantra has evolved from being crazy terrified and swap to being chilled out and relax.

This is how I do it and feel calm –

1. No need to over do – we often want to keep everything in place and everyone happy. Well, it doesn’t apply to babies. They are the easiest going creatures on earth. They adjust in almost all situations.They don’t need a clean house or loads of toy. All they want is some play fun with you or anything around.

2. Babies will cry – it’s ok for them to cry and one doesn’t have to go nuts trying to comfort them. Yes it’s important to decode their crying but take your time to learn what they are trying to say. We often panic and don’t listen to them cry. There are 4 types of cries- decode them and you are done. Bravo

3. Don’t be over possessive – it’s is very important to let go. Everyone loves babies and it’s rare that they would harm your child intentionally. So it’s ok to borrow a helping hand to raise your child. Let someone help you with playtime or put the baby to bed or feed him/her food. Especially family , they are the best support one can imagine for raising a child.

4. Your baby is not fragile – He/she will not break if they fall or get a scratch. Babies are supposed to experience pain because life is always not fair. So it very important that you let your baby fall or be carefree. Definitely a close supervision to his/her activity is important. But that does not mean you pick your child every time she/he slips.

5. Help your baby be independent – now that doesn’t mean send them to office , that means , let them do their job on their own , like trying to dress or eat their own food , taking bath. Lot of time we forget that babies are growing and we keep performing their job for them. So identify the right time to take a back step and let the baby start getting independent .

6. Disciple them from day one – biggest mistake we do as parents is , think that they don’t understand anything yet. Well that’s a myth , babies’ brains grow rapidly till 2years and maximum by 7 years. So it’s important to explain and talk to babies from day one. Try be to dramatic and cute while talking to them. One can easily set a routine and sleep train them if done right.

7. Don’t be in a hurry to introduce them to technology – today’s parents can be rest assured that their kid would undoubtedly be a star in computer and tech savy stuff. So hold on to the TV , iPad , iPhone or any kind of digital exposure. Go old fashioned and have rhymes and poems on the radio. Play with a puppet rather introducing them to cartoons.

8. Say no to packed food – be it cerelac , gerber , organic baby food , if it is coming out of a packaging. It’s not healthy enough for babies. Try to give maximum home cooked fresh food. This doesn’t mean ban your child from outside food. This mean only in case of emergency or outing or party , allow packed or outside food. We already kill ourselves for feeding the baby so there is no need to carry home cooked food to every corner of the world. Especially if the baby is 1year plus.

9. No sugar No salt rule – babies don’t need salt or sugar like us. Their breastmilk or formula milk has enough salt or sugar that their body requires , hence no need for giving them sugar or salt till they turn 1.Their body should not be fed excess of sugar or salt. Every baby is different hence check with your doctor when to introduce salt and sugar.

10. Expose them to nature and outside environment – they need to feel the warm and dirt and build immunity . They ll get sick sometime but that the part of their growth. So don’t cage them in house specially once the baby is 3months old. Take her/him for a walk. They all love some fresh air and like us can sense freedom and enjoy outings. Take them to parties , make them familiar with the social world. So that they accept social lifestyle easily and quickly.

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  1. Cool Mantra from a new mom. Parenting is fun and it’s amazing to see how you are growing up as a parent with the kid.

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