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Love the World TodayHumanity, love, nature, earth are things which we can’t live without.Yet, we are so thankless in nature and killing every bit of what our mother earth is offering us. No matter how hard we try to turn organic, being eco-friendly its a fulltime struggle. We want a change but we can’t afford it, yes! all the organic brands are so expensive that even though we adore them and believe in them , we cant buy them. When a child is born, we promise to take care of him/her and provide them the best. Every parent wants to shower the best of products and upbringing but sometimes life has constraints, be it long hours of job or limited funds. Parenting is tough and that’s the truth. Well, there are two people on the planet taking the all the pain to get the best product your child needs. Dipti Ahuja and Dipna Daryanani are the founders of Love the world today.  It is a 100% made in India brand for sustainable and ethical clothing for children.

Very few people have the courage to step up and make the change. Dipti and Dipna are one of those, they believe in real old-fashioned paddle run, messy childhood, endless hula-hoops memories. They make clothes for a carefree childhood. They pledged to spread smiles across the world. Their clothes are made with natural fibres, organic fabric, fabrics handwoven by artisans and weavers across the country. The dyes are herbal and have a low impact on the environment. They truly believe in making earth a better place to live. So when the child outgrows LTWT clothes, you can send them back to be recycled or share with needy little ones. Isn’t that a beautiful way to spread the love!! I have received two outfits from their collections – Dear Japan and Winter sun collection. Both the garments have perfect silhouette for endless playtime. They were loose and airy and have no elastic what so ever. Also, the fabric is soft as a feather and has an amazing hand feel. As a mother, I knew it is perfect for Meera. I simply love the way they conceptualize their collection and its names.

Dear Japan outfit  is made of ‘Tatami’ khadi in a peach color. Tatami is a type of mat from Japan. They were considered luxury items for nobility. Inspired by the Tatami fold/pile rectangular mat, they had sent me a beautiful boxy tatami dress. A simple yet stylishly patterned dress with boxy pockets to hide all the tiny treasures. It is made with soft handwoven fabric and herbal dyes.It has natural coconut shell buttons at the back.

Winter Sun outfit  is kind of my favorite for its marble effect dye. It is inspired by cold winter sun-kissed day. It is a hand dyed tie and dye swing top.It is made with soft organic cotton fabric and herbal hand dyed using turmeric. Has natural coconut shell buttons at the back.

Why I love the brand –

  • It is an organic clothing brand, and I am trying my best to convert into an eco-friendly lifestyle. Hence my love for it.
  • I can’t stop being gala about the chic silhouette and styles they have. I wish to buy each and every garment. They are simply beautiful.
  • Every collection has a story behind it which makes it even more special to have.The brand is associated directly with handicraftsmen.
  • They are affordable in today’s competitive market in eco-friendly/organic kids wear brand.
  • The best is the long-term relationship with one on one customer service and providing nothing but the best.
  • They take back the garments and try their best to reduce the carbon print as much as possible not only by using organic fabrics and handcraftsmanship but also recycling the old garments.

I am a huge fan of handloom and handcrafted products. I honestly would pay slightly extra for the product just for the exclusivity in the product. Every handmade product tells a story about an individual and their lives and that story becomes your story. My love for handloom/handcrafted product is endless. I am so glad I would review Love the world today and be a part of their family.

That’s not it, Love the world today are on huge discount 14 sep 2017 – 22 sep 2017 and every product is just for Rs950/-. Unfortunately, this won’t last for long, so grab your pick before they go out of stock.

Happy shopping <3

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