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Letter to my daughter – Meera

Letter to my daughter - MeeraFirst of all, I didn’t ask for you but I am so so glad that I have you. You are the best surprise of my life. I am writing this letter because I had to choose a topic for our
#womendayblogparty marathon, I’d rather say and preach these things in person while parenting you. But it’s better to have things on record so that I can refer to this memo everytime you mess up.🤣😂

I am no one to give you life lesson and tell you how to live. My job was to give you life and let you live. My Motto is to guide you and tell you what’s right and what’s wrong.

I am no one to correct your mistakes.I am ok if you are not perfect because no one is. I am so glad about who you are with your mischievous smile and glittery eyes.

I don’t expect you to conquer the world, I don’t want you to be rich, I don’t want you to be crazy successful. I just want you to be HUMAN!

I am ok if you are a rebel, rebel is good! It shows that whatever you decide you own up to it. Rebel is good, you take responsibility for your action.

I am ok if you dress like a prince or princess. As long as you are comfortable in it. Who cares if it’s a pink or blue as long as you lead the queue.

I am ok if choose to run and not be stationed in life as long as you are happy. Sometimes the journey is more beautiful than the destination.

I am ok if sometimes you are mad and sad as long as you get over it. You are totally allowed to be mean to an unfair life.

I am ok if you try new things as long as you know where to stop. Life is a waste without experiments so live it till it lasts.

I am ok if you are adventurous or silly as long as that gives you thrills to live. I am ok if you are not a feminist as long as you love all genders.

I don’t want you to be a girl or boy. I don’t want you to be strong or silly. I want you to know who you are really.

I don’t want you to be good or bad. All I want you to be is loving, humble and kind. Someone who fights for dignity and believes in humanity.

Don’t listen to the world, don’t try to fit in. The World will never stop spinning and always remember you are just “PERFECT” because beauty is “WITHIN”

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This blog post is a part of #Womensdayblogparty . I’d like to thank my fellow blogger friend Ishieta for introducing me. Read her interesting post for this blog party here

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47 thoughts on “Letter to my daughter – Meera

  1. What a beautiful letter Danisha. Save it as this will be a precious gift for Meera when she will understand it. So nice and heartfelt.
    The last paragraph is just perfect. That’s how it is everywhere nowadays. We shouldn’t teach our kids to compromise just because they want to just fit in.

  2. You summed up ur emotions in the most crisp and beautiful way….Cud not meet the infant Meera but I now will look forward to meet the grown up Meera transforming into all ur penned philosophy….The REBEL….the ORIGINAL

  3. Such a cute letter. I have never met her but love her already.
    Never knew the crazy friend i knew would become such an amazing mother.
    Lots of love
    Keep Going

    1. What a pleasant surprise. I read your name twice , and thinking in my head really Manju reading my blog . Awww darling I am still the same , my spiced life has sugar too now. That’s all . Thank you so much for the compliment and love.

  4. Oh mama you are full of so much love. Not that us other mamas are not. But I simply loved the freedom you gave to your daughter to just be herself and love herself for who she truly is instead of who you wish for her to be. I’m bookmarking this post to read to my daughter when she grows up as a letter to her too.

  5. Lovely expression. Poetry expressed not in words but with emotions. To me it is emotions in poetry & poetry in emotions . Keep it up.
    Stay blessed.

  6. Loved the blog…beautifully written…this is what we call a modern mommy…with modern thinking..Meera is blesses to have u as a mommy

  7. Wow…. Those words.. Were so from the heart… When i will have a daughter i will have the same feelings… Reading this remindes me of my mom… 😘

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