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Impeccable opposite ! 



I have always wondered about the beauty of opposite things. North Pole and South Pole , right and wrong , happy and sad , big and small. They are far away from each other, yet when they meet, it’s wabi- Sabi ( the beauty of imperfection ). That’s how  black and white are to me. Far away from each other, living their own existence. White , so bright that it’s reflects your happiness and black, so dark that it composes your sadness. Yet ,when we put them together, it’s the best combination of conflicts and disagreements. How alluring has been the creation !


How each character is different in its own way – good or bad . How we characterize white with happiness , peace , clarity .Something so positive to endorse , contrary to black. Black is consider sad , dark , tragic and negative to escape from. But have you ever wondered why white even though being so clear and clean , can not absorb anything. It blends with what we offer it with. It’s loses it brightness immediately. Something so powerful , liberates it’s reality. Yet it’s the positive side.
Black being so dark and depressing , happily soaks in everything offered to it. It’s doesn’t give up what is symbolizes and proves its existence. Yet it’s imbibing nature is tagged negative.
Should I conclude that evil and darkness is stronger , more persistent and more constant?
Does this mean that black prevails over white? Happiness is weaker to sadness? Is there less scope of hope? Even though this might be right somewhere , I believe in their co-existence. There is no beauty without ugliness , no light without darkness , no happiness without sadness. These opposites respectively teach us how to understand the essence of each other. The true existence of life is between the right and wrong.
{Outfit details} Crop top – Bershka ; Neck piece – Hong Kong street shopping ;  Black skirt – Stradivarius ; Watch – Guess ; Ballerina – Hong Kong street shopping
My outfit might explain my thoughts here too. My upper torso is my strength so far in my pregnancy, so for eye catching , I wore white crop top. And to hide away my bulging lower torso I choose to wear black long shirt. Yes ,it’s not a dress. It’s my invention of a two piece outfit. So far I have not bought any maternity wear, thanks to my aesthetic sense 😉 To spice up the monochrome combination, I curled up my hair. It also helped me cover my not so slim shoulders. I love accessories , the silver leaflet neck piece did the magic, along with my heavy watch.
Life is not so boring it depends how you see it!

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  1. Strange r expectations of human beings & presentation part of it. Now v learn about various types of dresses including maternity dresses & it’s optional replacements. Excellent way of presentation of opposites in co related existences.

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