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How to teach colors to a toddler

I have found fun and easy way to teach colors to a toddler without sweating over it. I have successfully taught my 17 months old baby basic and few more colors. Now that doesn’t mean she tells me colors all day long but tells me all correct colors when is in a good mood. Well, I can’t help her moods :p

So begin by eliminating negative thoughts of teaching colors or teaching anything to your child. Children can sense our emotions and we parents unknowingly transfer vibes to our kids.

This is how you can teach your child colors –

How to teach colors to a toddler

1. Every object has colors – begin with explaining to them that every object has a name and these object also have colors. You need to separate the concept of object and colors from each other. Like “ this is a bedsheet on which we sleep and it’s an object. The bedsheet is red in color“. “This is a bag, in which we keep our things. And the bag is an object. The color of the bag is black”. Seems tricky but it’s not, don’t expect them to understand immediately. Keep practicing this for 2-3days. Your child will start slowing understand the concept of objects. We have to divide the concept of colors and object and prove them as individual concepts.

2.Identify favorite objects – every child can least recognize her/his toys. Begin by asking them to get their favorite toy to you. While asking them to get the toy to you simply use both the words (color + object say green doll). This might confuse your child for some seconds and they might take a pause and give you tense expression. Keep repeating green doll until they point, till they point and get the toy to you. Reinforce the concept of differentiation. This is a doll and it is wearing a green dress.

3.Create memory game – start with RGB (red green blue ) in your house because these color can lead to other color formation in future activities. Paste big RGB ( red green blue ) paper on walk or door or any clear and dominant spot of your house and every now and then mention the pasted square paper colors “red green blue”. This is just to create a visual memory in their mind. For 2-3 days just simply rehearse the sequence of color paper. Try asking your child to point colors and patiently keep telling the colors over and over again whenever they say wrong.

4.Pick one color RED – start with color red, everything red things in the house should be mention to the child over and over again for 2-3 days and then I can bet you, your child will answer red correctly. Now this means your child is slowly building associations with color RED and understands that red is a color of multiple objects in your house. Hence you have accomplished the separation of object and color in your child’s mind.

5. Spotting RED between two colors – use your child toys while her/his dedicated activity time or play time and ask your child to point to the color red among any two colors. Example – take red and yellow from stacking ring toy and simply use two rings to ask your child to identify red. 100% your child will be able to reply correct (please consider your child’s mood while asking questions). When you child correctly answers the questions. Shower endless appreciation, rocket the answer, inflate her/his happy emotions. Basically, they are going to have assurance over the answer, give it to them in plenty.

6.Now start involving all three (RGB) colors – Your child has mastered “RED” color so it’s time to teach your child green. Now just point at green among her/his toys and teach the color. Mention everything green you and your child see but don’t skip asking red color. Slightly concentrate more on the green but keep reminding your child’s memory for red as well.

7.Engage your child the fun activity – ask your child to segregate color red and green in different color boxes. And motivate your child to recognize as much as possible. Fun activities stimulate your child’s interests and involvement.

I stay in a nuclear environment and I am non-working mom hence I have created a one on one connection with my child, wherein I converse with my daughter with eye to eye contact when I have to teach her something. I have also dedicated an area in my house only for play and activity which my child adores.

It is very important to perform the above without any external disturbance. If a need arises cut your self from your family members and isolate yourself with your child in a locked room. Give your child some time to get custom to this one on one mom-child play environment. Just play normally with your child for few days, engage your child in motor skill or sensory activities. Soon your child will start looking forward to these playing time with you and that’s the perfect time to introduce your child to colors.

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6 thoughts on “How to teach colors to a toddler

  1. Beautifully explained Danisha !
    Love the second point ! Bring that colour +object one ! This is surely going to work ! Will try this out ! Thanks for sharing! It’s really very very useful !

  2. That’s a very well written post Danisha.
    Starting is basic colors is important. But since every child is different, we never know they might lean Pink or Purple first and then Red. 🙂
    I used to tell my daughter about colors while sorting out veggies or in grocery stores. Like Red Tomato, orange. Stated with similar shapes as she knew ball is round.

    Now it’s my son’s turn.:-) to learn all this.

  3. Really…so nicely explained…teaching colours to toddler is not a esy task…I have dealt with it…but reading this I m thinking..that I should have tried teaching..using these tricks❤❤❤loved the blog

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