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How to make Children’s Day special for your kids?

Don’t we blush all day long on cute gestures our kids show on father’s day and mother’s day? Don’t we feel proud in pinning that handmade gibberish card on our workstations? Don’t you want them to feel the same on children’s day?Don’t you want them to have stories to tell when they go back to school the next day! Don’t you want them to say – “best children’s day ever”


Here are few fun ideas for making your kid feel different this children’s day.

1. Go digital world free, no phones, no TV, no Movie, no radio basically just as old-fashioned as you can get. Simply play with your children and talk to them. Cuddle, jump, spend quality time. Talk to your child like it’s been ages and you are missing the good old times.

2. Collect old 90s candies like fatafat , phantom , crab, Cadbury, swad , kismi , bonkers etc. Take them to your childhood memory lane and if age appropriate don’t forget to share with them. You can also make a puzzle and ask them which all candies are still easily available.


3. Take them to park, only if weather allows. This time you swing and ask them to push you. Play hide and seek or race them. If that’s not your kind of thing. Water the plants or make a castle with
Mud. Basically, do anything related to nature and fresh air.

4. Call their friends over and do a storytelling session. Involve kids and build a fiction story together. Feel free to involve puppets and toys and give your story an imagination. Once the story is final, write it down and pin in your kids’ room. Just a sweet memory forever.


5. Get a roller sheet and ask your kid to trace you. In the same drawn sheet ask your kid to trace your mother and later in the same sheet track your child. Once this drawing is done – tell them how much you love them and that your child completes you and now it’s a perfect family. Place the drawing in your child’s room.

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Children’s day is nothing but just fun. We often take them to movies and museums and malls. But with all the distraction around, we forget to share quality time with them. We somehow miss expressing how special they are to us. How much we love them. This children’s day just simply let them know how much you love them.

13 thoughts on “How to make Children’s Day special for your kids?

  1. So true, spending quality time with kids at home playing cuddling together or going to park is so much fun for them and they feel loved. Moreover it’s a stress buster for us too.

  2. Children’s day is so special for me. One day in year I can say dil to bacha hai ji. And enjoy this day with my kids and become a kid again. I loved the way you shared all the points to make this day more fun filled for kids. I will plan it and have a great tips from you now. Happy Children’s day

  3. I would try all of these this children’s day. The best would be to take my kid to my childhood days by showing him my old pictures 😍😍😍

  4. Very thoughtful. These tips are fab. I am certainly going to discuss these with my wife and we might end up doing few. Thank you so much 🙂

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