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How to introduce books to a baby

How to introduce books to a babyWe as parents, want to give the best to our kid. We want to introduce books, toys, activities at the right age and want them to learn and explore. But as parents, we also worry about milestones, development, and achievements. Certain instincts like music/ sound and taste senses are half way matured when they meet the real world. They slowly and gradually fully mature on that themselves. Timely introduction of books and early learning toys stimulate brain development. This blog will only be focused on how to introduce books to a baby. It will cover when what and how to introduce the book to the baby.

When to introduce books to baby –

Well, there is no hard and fast rule to that. Babies start seeing at the age of 3-4 months. They can focus on colors and smaller shapes and by then can grasp a thing and are learning to hold things.They will try to move, rattle from one hand to another. It best to introduce books to them then. Read to them and try showing them colorful pictures.

What books –
How to introduce books to a baby1. Big colorful hard bound books.
2. Touch and feel books, try not to start with the musical book and whenever you do, make sure it is educational.
3. Start with only one or three words per page of the book.
4. Gradually increase it to one sentence per book and so on.
8. Try to find more engaging books like peekaboo. Where the child is excited to flip and open the pages.

How to introduce books to baby –
1. Simply read to your baby, show him/ her colorful pictures.
2. Introduce them to touch and feel books as these two senses are brand new to them.
3. Include books in playtime. Keep them next the to rattle and other toys.
4. Make a playful environment while reading the book to the baby. As if it is just another fun toy.
5. Be dramatic and practice voice modulation while reading the book.

How to encourage reading book –
How to introduce books to a baby1. Make sure the environment is friendly and full of fun. Free play is the best way for kids to explore.
2. If you encounter that the baby is not excited about the book or is yet hesitant exploring it. In a friendly way , isolate yourself and read loudly. Be dramatic and use emotions while reading to yourself. This will attract the baby’s attention.
3. Whenever the baby shows interest while you are reading his book. Make sure you expose him to different texture on the books. Simply hold his/her hand and rub it on the texture of the book.
4. Introduce one touch and feel book at a time. Let the baby get associated with it. Encourage self-play with that particular book.
5. While reading ask the baby to imitate actions or words or flip the page.
6. Be patient with baby initially they might just open close and throw the book.
7. Be positive in thought process and don’t give up on reading to your baby no matter how disinterested he/she looks.
8. Slowly introduce more touch and feel books and practice the same as mention above.
9. Gradually detach yourself from reading to him again and again. Ask the baby to read. Even if that means gibberish.
10. Always carry books with yourself where ever you go just how you carry his/her favorite toy or rattle.

Please note every child is different. As parents, you can only do and give your best. Expecting anything from your child is cruel. Childhood is to be enjoyed and not implied or forced. Be patient with your child and don’t expect anything in return.

I am just a comment or message away on Facebook or Instagram. If you have any questions, message me, I am more than happy to help.

Happy book reading to your little one.

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  1. I love reading to my son . Infact for his first birthday I made a small story book for him based on the theme of his party ‘music’ . Next planning on a book about vehicles because he loves vehicles ! We now read nursery rhyme books at bed time.

  2. Thanks for the tips here. I already buy books for my 2 yo, but she doesn’t read daily. She is interested in reading, but I think it will eventually become a habit, seeing us maybe, cuz we are too much into reading. I was actually looking for some tips on how to continue the interest towards reading. will clip this page. Cheers!

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