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How to establish sleep schedule and bedtime routine for baby!

establish sleep schedule and bedtime routine for baby Sleep is essential for mom as well as for babies. A sleep deprived mom can not perform to her best abilities, hence it is important to have sleep schedule for baby. A lot of babies sleep at day time compared to night time. Most of the moms are comfortable with this routine as long as baby and mom get to sleep. There is no such harm in practicing this but it is definitely not a healthy lifestyle going ahead. The sooner you establish bedtime routine the better it is.
With a newborn, we often wonder why the baby is sleeping so much and within few days we wonder why a baby is not sleeping. Hence sleep scheduling is very important. Babies are used to living in squeezed positions for last 9 months, hence they do not understand space or are not adaptive to the external environment. As parents, we need to read a lot and understand child growth. Babies grow maximum in first three months and the growth rate slows down after the Ninth month. As babies start getting mobile they grow less in size. Therefore it is at most important for babies to sleep well and have a bedtime routine.

establish sleep schedule and bedtime routine for baby One of the most important way to help a baby grow is by sleep.  Mentioning below are few tips to establish sleep schedule for baby. Babies are very adaptive if you start practicing the below success is guaranteed.

  1. From day one until 6month, swaddle baby for sleep. Tight and squeeze body makes them feel safe and they sleep well.
  2. Set a rough routine – Fix, Wake up and Sleep time. Usually, babies wake up at set timing if inculcated in the from day 1.
  3. 0-3 Months – Babies will wake up one to two times at night. Help them sleep for longest 3-4 hours each interval. 4 – 7 months – Babies might or might not wake up at night depending upon teething (don’t feed them milk if they wake up in between at night, rock them and put them back to sleep). 8-12 months – should sleep for good 5-6hours interval (rock them back to sleep if they wake up)
  4. Practice a bedtime routine – read to them even though they really don’t understand,  give them body massage and bath before sleep.establish sleep schedule and bedtime routine for baby
  5. Light out for night sleep so that baby learns the difference between day and night
  6. Whisper talk only positive words while putting making to sleep (e.g. Have a good night sleep for 8 hours)
  7. Please see it’s important that you practice routine for at least for 21 days. Our brain takes time to inculcate habits.

Every baby is different and they do things at their pace so don’t worry and be patient.
Hope this article was helpful. Please feel free to ask anything.

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  1. Hey…
    Need to collaborate and ask few personal queries on this regarding my 4 month old.
    She hardly sleeps, since las 15days.

    1. I am available at chat on Instagram @lovethatyoucanbuy or leave you query here. I ll be happy to help. And it’s ok for her to show change in sleeping pattern. Is she showing any signs of teething . As teething start at 4months onwards. Message me ☺️

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