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How to develop good eating habits in babies

Having a baby means endless worries, especially related to their health. Whatever they do, sometimes parents fail miserably developing good eating habits in babies. It’s a nightmare to make your baby eat food. They are always running away at meal time.

Being today’s parents, we have the luxury of the internet and easily available with all the amazing kids’ friendly recipes. In spite of all the effort, sometimes babies just don’t like to eat. It gets harder when babies are underweight and parents are squeezed against time to meet the right nutritional food and meet the weight parameters. To top it, seeing other healthier kids makes them question what are they doing wrong.

How to develop good eating habits in babiesHere are some tips to help develop healthy relationships with baby and food.

1. Whenever you start weaning your baby. Recommend month is 6months, make sure the introduction of food is in the right environment. A proper eating area or high chair. They will soon associate with the high chair and understand that it’s related to food.

2. Routine your child from wake up to bedtime to meal times. They should be fed at the same time every day. This way their brains start understanding that it’s meal time and they are hungry. Good routine results in a healthy lifestyle of the baby.

3. No sugar and no salt are recommended for the first year. Well, that’s because these tiny creatures get enough salt and sugar from breastmilk/formula milk as per their body requirements. It seems tricky but it’s actually not. They usually spit food out when weaning began, that is because they don’t know how to swallow and not because the food tastes bland. Introduce fruit purée to help sweeten the taste.

4. Once they have teeth, start giving them finger food like boiled Carrot or potatoes etc. Something that they can easily hold in hand. It is very important for babies to touch feel the texture of the food exactly how we lot of time smell the food. Self-weaning is a great technique to build healthy relationships with the food.

How to develop good eating habits in babies

5. Also, sit and eat together as much as possible. This way they see the techniques of holding spoon, fork and respect eating while watching others eat. They slowly and gradually understand the concept of food and mouth and stop throwing food on the floor. Hence there ll be less mess too.

6. Always first offer food and then after 1/2-1hour later feed them milk. This way the transaction from milk to food is easier and the baby gets all the nutrients in the body. Slowly decrease the quantity of milk to help baby build more appetite for food.

7. Don’t appreciate or practice packed food like biscuits and chip or junk food. Well face it, it’s yummy like heaven but unhealthy like hell. So for the first two years, try your best to feed them a healthier option as they are building a relationship with food.

8. While traveling carry fruits like banana, berries, avocado to escape packed or junk food options as much as possible. Occasional outside food is ok but first, feed your baby with fruit/milk and then offer the outside food. This way they’ll eat less of unhealthy food.

9. Try to keep baby around while cooking or chopping. Hand them over raw vegetables while you are you busy mastering the dinner. Let them play, explore vegetables. Don’t stop them from putting it in the mouth. Raw vegetables are full of nutrients hence no harm done.

10. Last but not the least. Don’t offer multiple food options to your child. Wait for them to be hungry and give them dinner. We often feel that baby doesn’t like the taste and offer something else.Hungry baby ll eat whatever you offer them. Hence don’t spoil the baby by offering different options of food on refusing the first one.

It is very important to develop healthy relationships between food and baby. In today’s hectic world we often tend to eat whatever is available on the shelves and never care about our health. This is a step to make sure that your baby appreciates and craves for healthy eating habits. Be more cautious of your eating habits too.As they simply adore you and love to imitate your action. It’s a small compromise for a brighter and healthier lifestyle.

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14 thoughts on “How to develop good eating habits in babies

  1. Danisha, I agree with all the points.mpat important is maintaining routine. I also agree with not offering multiple food options.
    One more point I would like to add is restricting screentime while eating. Instead singing rhymes is a better option. Once in a while it’s okay but not as a habit.

    Loved the post. Happy to be your MFA friend:-)

  2. Great tips Danisha. Loved meera’s clicks. after having proudly followed BLW we have come to a stage where nothing works and the baby is picky so i must add that there will be phases of food rejections too 😀

  3. Excellent tips. Especially loved where you stress on keeping the baby around while we cook or chop and also not giving too many food options. I have diligently followed these two with my little one and it would be safe for me to say she is not a fussy eater. Thanks for this post. Worth sharing for new moms.

  4. Danisha you have captured almost everything needed to raise a non fussy eater. I am glad to say I followed most of these and to be honest it has helped me a lot. Thanks for sharing as I know these tips are going to be useful for a lot of parents.

    Neha (Sharing our experiences)

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