How Motherhood Has Changed Me


I was thin and healthy and now just fat
For 9months in my tummy, you just sat

I am living on just 2 hours nap
Fixing every 2mins your cap

I thought I am bold, strong and fierce
My heart melted when you whispered ‘ma’ in my ear

I was never patient, calm and forgiving
You taught me so much with your carefree chilling

I used to party and rock and roll
Now we only go for evening stroll

I was confident and had a mind of my own
Until u started teaching me how to use my phone

I use to get mad at dirty socks and messy house
Now I am too tired to even catch a mouse

I loved late night movies chocolate popcorn wine
My life is over ever since you started to whine

I was tough and shopped
till I dropped
Courtesy you now I can’t even wear a crop top

I was a happy person who never complained
Now I crib and for that, you are to blame

I may not be the same and I might have changed
This is to tell YOU it’s all worth the PAIN


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This post is part of a blog train started by Pooja Kawatraof Mums & Babies and she has networked to bring together 41 moms across the globe. Meet all 41 moms here. Pooja has also shared her own views on motherhood here.

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I wanna thank Pranita from Merog and mom for introducing me. You can read her post here. Next in line is Charu from The Mom Sagas – Charu Sareen Gujjal, is an educationist by profession and a writer by passion. The Mom Sagas is a forum ‘for a parent, by a parent’. Parenting as a journey is extremely fulfilling and rewarding, yet equally demanding and challenging. It can, however, be made easy by sharing experiences and learnings one gain as a parent.

22 thoughts on “How Motherhood Has Changed Me

  1. How creative is this! Perfectly rhymed all the mom baby points that are and all true, really ! You are one talented mommy and who said you don’t rock n roll even now, you do with this one! Good job

  2. wow! How did you write that poet Mamma. Your poem spoke every mother’s Heart Danisha. Very beautifully expressed ♥️Loved it.

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