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How and When to introduce Puzzles to toddlers

How and When to introduce Puzzles to toddlers

As your child grows, so do their cognitive skills. From just being able to see, feel and touch things, now they can interpret and understand their surroundings. Their interpretation of their environment improves and they like to participate in daily life chores too. This is the time to understand what interests your child the most. Be it outdoor or indoor, sensory play or pretend play. Some kids have a great inclination towards puzzles. This blog will help you understand how and when to introduce puzzles to toddler

So let’s begin!

How and When to introduce Puzzles to toddlers1. The appropriate age to introduce a puzzle to a child is 18 months. Having said that, I believe in child-led learning, which means every child is different so as a parent you feel you can introduce a certain concept early or late. Basically customizing your child’s learning process. I introduced my child to puzzles at the age of 15-16months. It took her 2 weeks to understand the concept.

2. The most important thing is to understand your child behavior before introducing anything new, especially puzzle. Considering factors like what is your child’s play per toy span or does your child like to finish one play and move to the next or he/she like to play in rotation with lots of toys. Spending time on one toy is important which is very much needed for solving puzzles because it involves concentration.

3. Beginner’s level for a puzzle is two pieces of jigsaw puzzles. Introduce two pieces puzzle on the topic that they are already aware of. For instance, if your child knows fruits/vegetables/ shapes/wild animals. Buy the two-piece puzzles for the things that your child knows. This way he/she can construct the puzzle as he/she knows what the shape or vegetables or animal looks like. This ‘ll help them connect the two pieces easily.

4. If need be, do show how the puzzle is solved, I would recommend giving hints like where zebra front/face (one of the pieces in the puzzle) and then ask for the second piece (now find the back/legs of zebra). Once he/she is able to find the two pieces. Show them how to connect. And continue with the exercise for the remaining puzzle in the same manner.

5. Make a big fuss about them completing the puzzles, sense of accomplishment motivates them to do it again and soon they ‘ll start doing them independently.

6. Gradually upgrade to 3,4,5 and more number of pieces of puzzles.

There are lots of different kinds of puzzles available in the market. I am sharing below the images of the puzzles. They can be easily purchased online from Amazon, first cryAliExpresslazada, and many more websites.

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5 thoughts on “How and When to introduce Puzzles to toddlers

  1. Thats an amazing post and very great tips you have shared about introducing puzzles to kids. I must say once kids start loving puzzles we should gradually increase the difficulty level. This is a great brain excersise.

  2. My son loves puzzles! We started giving him simple puzzles (2-4 pcs) when he was around 15 months, and gradually introduced harder puzzles (6-12 pcs). He’s now 3, and so far, he has been enjoying more than 20 sets of puzzles. This activity helps him develop his focus and concentration. 🙂

    1. My two year too also love puzzle to the extend that she is obsessive and how can do upto 49 pieces . She ll drop anything for puzzles

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