Girls are the best


{Outfit details} Romper – Babyshop ; Headgear – Honk Kong street shopping

I have long hair and pretty dresses to wear  

I can bring a smile and make others stand in a line  

I shower love and care , teach everyone how to share

I am strong enough to handle everyone’s stress

I stand firm like a pillar so that you can rest

I cry like a baby and laugh like a monster 

I keep quiet like a star and shine like avatar 


I fight with my eyes and at times with my arms 

I blend like water and spread my warmth 

I shy away like a feather and storm like the weather

I am the reason we stay together 

I can fly like a bird and walk like a turtle 

I can make noise louder than a rattle

I don’t get hurt winning any battle

I am no one’s voice and take no advice 

I am what I am and that’s my choice

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