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Fun and playful Activities for 1 year

Now that your child has entered toddler stage and is no more infant. His/Her capacity to do work is very high, he/she is more active, has better cognitive and motor skill. As parents, we wish to channelize their energy.

Sharing two of my successful and most popular Fun and playful Activities for 1 year which is tried and tested activities –

1. Peeling boiled potatoes / boiled eggs.

Simply boil the potatoes and let them cool down. Once they are cool ,ask your child to peel the skin. For the first two-three times, they might play with it as a ball or simply poke or crush and stab the boiled potato. Once the child starts to peel the skin, encourage them to mash the peeled potatoes. They enjoy mashing and mixing the potatoes more than peeling. Best time to try the activity is around their feed time, as they might also like to explore putting potatoes in the mouth. This way the child also develops a good eating habit and a great relationship with food.


2. Straw and vegetable rinser

All you need is straws and a vegetable rinser. Ask your child to insert the straw in the rinser tiny holes. This is a great motor skill activity and keeps the child busy for good 10-20 mins. Help in developing eye and hand coordination.

Please see as much as your child enjoy a planned activity. It is very important that a child gets to a lot of free play and outdoor play.


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Hoping next on the train is Ankita, Mom to an almost four-year-old munchkin, she blogs at Caringmommadiaries, a children book lover and a true believer of attachment parenting.

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9 thoughts on “Fun and playful Activities for 1 year

  1. Such an easy and unique activities for fine motor skill development in toddlers. What I love the most about these activities is that u don’t need any fancy stuff to prepare. Everything is available in every kitchen of the house.. Thanks for sharing..

  2. Great idea for developing motor skills. She is very cute. God bless her. You shared a wonderful post. Keep sharing more! Loved it.

  3. I love the simple activities …… so well illustrated and explained , it’s so important to involve our little ones in our daily chores not only does it help us do our work but also involves tremendous learning for our kids…..thank you for sharing these simple and easy diy’s.

  4. Love the simple activities…… they are so well explained and illustrated…… how important it is to involve our little ones in daily chores not only this makes our work easy but it is also a fun learning for them….

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