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First three months of baby care

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It is an impossible job one can think but once you have a baby, you master the art of being a mother. Those pre-birth butterflies about baby grooming are all gone now. what we used to be scared of, is what we are practicing.Holding the baby , carrying the baby , feeding the baby , bathing the baby,everything we doubted ourselves about.
It is normal for first-time moms to question every action. I ,being a first-time mom read a lot about baby grooming , care , dos and dont’s. Honestly , it has immensely helped me. Being a mother, many a time you will have to stand against your family for the well-being of your child. Every individual has different upbringing and different experiences.So my suggestion is that you make your own experiences.Listen to everyone around who is there to help but don’t blindly believe their history with their child. It is very important to know that every child is different , their personality and their needs are also diverse. Although there are few things I have read and experienced which hold true for me baby and I had practiced them and was very happy.

Following is the list of things one should consider when the newborn arrives.

Swaddling technique – It is an ancient technique where babies are wrapped tightly. This is done to make the baby feel safe. A baby is extremely tight and fitted in our womb. They are yet to explore space and big movements. Therefore, I recommend swaddling your baby. Baby experience the same womb feeling, also it helps in building up your baby’s bones and muscles when they try to move and loose the grip of the tight cloth.

Crib – A lot may find it inhuman to make your newborn sleep in a cot or crib. It is true that it is a big time inconvenience for the mother to wake up, step out of the bed to feed , to change the nappy or comfort the baby. But initial inconvenience is long term convenience. Your baby develops to be independent and starts feeling safe in her/his space. Secondly, a lot of time when we are over exhausted we might cover the baby with our blanket or arms , which can suffocate the baby while sleeping with parents.

Diapers – Some things are god’s gift and some are mankind’s. Diaper are a blessing for both the mom and the baby. No need to change the nappy after every 10 -15 minute and nor is the baby wet again and again. If you are scared of using diapers because of rashes , don’t be. Follow simple things like – 1. Change the diaper before every feed whether the diaper is completely wet or not, that means change diaper every two – three hours. 2. Apply lubricant like coconut oil or vaseline along with diaper rash creme on every diaper change. just mix the lubricant and the rash cream on your hand and apply on babies genital areas without fail.Chances of rashes are minimalistic then. A lot of elderly family members might be against diaper and a lot of times,mothers have to abide by them non-willingly. Even so , please use a diaper at night for the baby’s sound sleep.

Bathing – Also bathe the baby from the very first day. Babies love to stay in the water. Their world was confined to amniotic fluid. Give your baby lukewarm bath every day from very the first day. They enjoy it. this also helps babies to develop the habit of bathing and they won’t cry every time you give them a bath. Try not to use any toiletries on babies for at least 40 days. Baby skin is too sensitive and is still adapting to outside environment. Let it blossom on its own. Don’t worry if your baby’s skin comes off. That is the procedure of developing the new skin. While giving them bath add a small cap of dental in the water, keeps the baby away from germs and your baby won’t smell of milk all the time.

Clothing – Jumpers /romper / onies are best for newborns. They cover their hands , back, and legs. They are easy for a diaper change without making the baby’s body bare. Always wash new clothes and rinse them from Dettol water before your baby wears them.  cut the inside labels from all the clothes before using them. keep multiple burp clothes and washcloths while feeding and burping the baby.

Umbilical cord – I had the chance to see my  umbilical cord , kept right in front of me after cutting it, in a tray. It was shining like a white radium , it was unbeatably beautiful. Although when you see it on your baby , it gets dry and turns brown. It was the only source of life for you baby in your womb. It is important to keep the navel and the left over cord on your baby clean. This doesn’t mean – no bath, give a bath to your baby and then nicely clean the area and keep that area dry. Look out for any blood or pus. The drier it is, the earlier it will fall. I had used baneocin powder in the area , it’s an antiseptic powder safe for baby use , although use it only if needed , in case you suspect little pus. It is normal for the umbilical cord to start smelling. The cord is getting dead and its process is to have a bad odor and dry out completely to fall.

I will keep updating this blog with time as I think sharing is caring. We all love our babies and it is one of our biggest responsibilities to take care of the little one.













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