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Dressing tips for babies

So I have been wanting to write this for a long time. I am no expert at this but I definitely know few thing you shouldn't do. This blog is majorly about dressing tips for babies.First things first, no matter how cute and Barbie your baby looks, she is a mini human. So respect her talking signs. If she doesn't like it, she 'll express it in her own way. Even if she is 2months old.

How to dress up your baby girlDressing tips for babies

1. My all time recommendation is jumper – they are extremely comfortable for babies, the neckline is not tight or not to lose. It is very comfortable for diaper holding. They feel the comfort as the diaper stays intact, also very easy for frequent diaper change

2. Also, dress them in sleep suit rompers with closed toes as normally babies don't like to cover their feet. This way they are comfortable and warm throughout the night.

3. Don't frequently change the dressing style. Make them habitual to one kind of fabric or silhouette. This 'll help you identify the most comfortable garment for them. So like recommended, for first three months of your child's birth, make them wear rompers.

Dressing tips for babies4. Don't force any synthetic or elasticated garment. Their skin is very soft, they are very playful and you might miss the signs of a blood clot. And if the baby is too small, please be cautious that their skin is still developing hence cotton is their skin best friend. Even if this means there is big celebration or occasion, comfort comes first. Also, a lot of pretty options are available in the market in cotton fabric.

5. Don't make her wear vest and panties, rather go for one piece. We want to keep them warm, hence the concept for a vest and we want to hide the diaper, hence the concept of panties. This all can go away if you make her wear white or any other solid color romper as under-dressing. Basically, it acts like a one piece underwear than two garments.Also please note that we have completely eliminated elastic from baby wear now, that applies to pant elastic as well.

6. Don't match your babies' garments and accessories top to bottom. She is not a pink flower or a purple sky. She is a baby hence style her like you would dress yourself. Also prefer color white here and there, as it gives a strong reflection on the baby's face.

Dressing tips for babies7. When introducing shorts or pants or elastic to your baby, recommended age should be 6months plus, please make her wear one piece underdressing(romper) and then the short and top. This way your baby skin is not directly in touch with elastic and has a barrier of romper fabric to help her with easy blood flow. Secondly , her tummy or back is never bare at any time -day or night. She is all the time warm and happy.

8. When you are making her wear dresses and want her to look tidy, use the same mantra of making her wear one piece underwear (romper) and then dress her up. This way when she picks up her dress here and there, she is completely covered and warm.

That's how I have been dressing her up and keeping her tidy all the time. She can't take off her diaper or panty because she is wearing a romper under everything she wears-be it shorts or dress or jeans. On her first layer of a romper, I dress her up with comfortable clothing, only cotton fabric. So that it's breathable and airy.

Hope my tips would help you dolling up your little angel.

15 thoughts on “Dressing tips for babies

  1. Jumpers or we all it onesies here are favorite. They are so soft and perfect for baby’s skin. I follow the same mantra of lining any out for with the onesies…

    Very useful tips..

    1. No , that’s the only way . But it’s very kids friendly clothing , little extra job for mom . Let’s face it we are meant to work forever . And thanks for pics compliment

  2. Wow Danisha, The tips are just lovely. I am sure many moms like me who does not have sense of dressing at all will get benefit from this post. Thanks for sharing and keep writing such awsome tips for us.

  3. i love the way you dress up meera and for me your stylist is perfect and chic,,,minimalistic yet chic…and yes initially it is better to stick to romper and also they look cute in that than any other fabric

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