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Kajol was deeply in love with Niti. They had met in college and by then Kajol has not explored or thought of love. It was in her 2nd year that she accepted the fact that she is in love with a girl. She admired Niti and loved her more than just a friend. And it all began from there. Their relationship got stronger as they moved in together and were also campus placed and were financially independent. Both of them were happy in their own world until Niti proposed Kajol for marriage.

Kajol was baffled and happy both as she had not mentioned about her relationship at home. She kept it under cover and now that she finally has accepted who she is, She decided to tell her parents and take their permission and blessing to start a happy married life.

Kajol was the only child and loved her parents so much that when her dad said – “this is not acceptable.Don’t disobey me.”
she quietly hung the phone.

Next day her lover (Niti) found her hanging from a ceiling fan and she left a note – ” I am not disobedient, I am just setting myself free.”


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9 thoughts on “Disobedience

  1. This was so so heartbreaking! That note just made me so so so sad.
    Being a parent it would be really hard for me if i can’t express my discomfort with something that my kid does or is, no one can be diplomatic with your own child, and i would NEVER want my kids to take my comments in such a negative sense ever. I might get upset, but nothing is worth their lives for me, and i make sure to tell them that every single day.
    so this, as a parent, scares the shit out of me, just like “13 reasons why” scared me too !

    1. I didn’t know you watch series . After a lot of hype about “13 reasons why” I watched it . And was utterly disappointed I liked the concept but not for the reasons she killed her self. I am series buff. So I have critic on every TV serial I watch. Anyways beside the point. It’s impossible to gauge the love and apparently Kajol family missed the point and just gave their verdict .

      Coming out of a closet is huge and should be handle delicately.

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