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Dinosaur and my story

Dinosaurs are big and strong
They are tall and small

Dinosaurs why are you gone
I liked you sharp teeth
Hoping to sometime meet

My mom says you are extinct
What does that mean

If not for real can you come in my dream?
I would love to sit on you,
And together we can scream!

I love you dinosaurs,
I love when you roar,
I copy you when no one is around,
Fight you and throw you on the ground,

Sometimes you scare me in my dreams,
That’s when you hurt my self-esteem,
Please, can we always be on the same team?

Dinosaurs, I keep you  my drawer,
So that when the world is having a war,
I will take my sword and you will just roar

Everything we go still and the world we see,
We will stop the world as it spins and
Be the king who always wins!

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