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Cons of digital exposure on kids

Parenthood is a hardship, unconditional love and lack of freedom. It is said that it takes a village to raise a child, well they had not met internet.🤣😂 .Everything is good to an extent. Excess of everything is harmful. So is too much knowledge and too much digital exposure. Honestly, Meera is not exposed to digital media yet. She doesn’t want videos or rhythms on phone. I had pledged to myself that no digital exposure till 2years. So far is doing fine. Whatever and whenever I am teaching her anything it’s all manually. It’s definitely exhausting as I don’t get a min off her. But honestly its going to be worth it in long term. There are a lot of Cons of digital exposure on kids that parents are not aware of.


Cons of digital exposure on kidsCons of digital exposure on kids –

🔸Most importantly it’s addictive. The US has rehab centres for kids suffering from the digital world. Doctors have sadly accepted that there is no medication for it and relapse can lead to death.

🔸It’s a hurdle in brain development. It doesn’t stimulate imagination rather just excited kids with animation and audio.

🔸It’s lead to anti-social kids behaviour. They are an aloof player and faces difficulty accepting new environment.

🔸It may or may not be educational depending upon what they are truly using and for what reasons.This does not let them use innovative methods to answer the questions.

🔸It is suffocating kids by pulling it away from outside play. They are not exposed to natural air and hence also leads to immunity issues.

🔸In long run, it leads to depression as it doesn’t offer touch and feel senses. Just a visual and audio appealing mechanism.

We as parents are tempted to hand over your iPhone and iPad to have some alone time. It is an easy escape from all day running around them and with all the mental exhaustion. But this is not a recommended practice for early learning stage. Age 0-2 year is the fastest brain development time and any kind of digital exposure is a hinder in their growth.

As parents, it is our responsibility to be involved in either day to day activities and have a load of manual play. Offer them manual toys, sing to them songs/rhythm and read to them as much as possible. Evening playground visit should be made mandatory for kids. They get used to the new environment and socialise better. It is very important that they engage with other kids as it helps to innovate new playing away and learn faster from each other.

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15 thoughts on “Cons of digital exposure on kids

  1. I completely agree with you, Danisha. I am also totally against any kind gadget for my 2 yo daughter. Her grandparents bought her a laptop when she was barely one, but it is still kept hidden (lols). It is extremely important for parents of current age to understand that gadgets will do a greater harm to their kids in the future than reaping benefits. I hope this post reaches to as many as possible and parents realize that kids need their time most of all. better to spend time with children than spend money on gadgets for children.

  2. Technology has become a bane for our next generation. These days they are so addicted to mobile phones that they do not go out to play, they hardly socialise, and spent all the time playing games. This article is a must-read for parents.

  3. I cannot agree more with you, Danisha! I often look at my friend’s son and wonder what to do to keep things away from digital. He is on YouTube every single minute. He often calls me on whatsapp to talk in utter gibberish like kids do. It’s cute, but having grown up in an environment where even an hour of TV was considered toxic and playing outside was the code, I feel scared for him. I just hope something good comes out for these digital kids.

  4. I agree with you Danisha. Internet can be a menace and hamper children’s development. In our endeavor to provide the best to your children, we may be creating difficulties for them in long run.

  5. Totally with you on this Danisha. However many times we try to refrain kids but don’t impose the same discipline on ourselves. so both r imp. A very imp write up indeed! Thanks

    1. It’s must to escape technology till the baby is 2 year old and then limited screen time with supervision can be doable. I have seen many sad cases where children are obsessed with iPhone and won’t eat or sleep without it. It’s just sad

  6. Agree with your points but sometime we as a parents give them gadgets to use it . And feel proud in telling others. Every quarter I went to hospital for my daughters treatment and absorbed in pediatric ward every kid is using gadgets.

    1. Hence statistics are right. Parents are not aware of the cons . Basically gadget is short cut to peace and long term problem in child’s brain development. I got a message from a mother of 5 year old asking how can she ask her daughter to quit watching TV while me or my husband watch it as we do need some break in life. After talking to her , she admits that her daughter extensively watched videos on phone when she was growing up and now she has managed to cut it to two times a day while eating food. Honestly I had no way to help this mother. One she indirectly or accidentally has send her child to artificial world plus my daughter is too small so I don’t have any first hand experience. Looking for help for this mother. Let me know if you have any solution

    1. Sure. Introduce your child to different texture rattle – rubber , plastic , wooden n cloth. Start with touch n feel books. For book you can check my blog in baby care category on how to introduce books to babies . Please feel free to ping me at lovethatyoucanbuy on Instagram

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