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Cloth diaper review – Superbottoms

I have been trying to move to natural, herbal, old fashioned lifestyle. It’s not because is trending, but because I made few changes in my routine and it felt great. One of the change was trying cloth diaper for Meera. When I was in Dubai, I started reading about it and was always confused about the product and its functionality. So when I was in India, I got a chance to review a cloth diaper from the brand -super bottoms.Like the brand name suggests, it is superb. Superbottoms is a mom run brand. And we all know mom alway know the best for their kids, hence came the birth of cloth diaper.

What exactly are cloth diapers –
Cloth diapers are basically reusable diapers. The life of these diapers is longer and they are better than disposable diapers.

Superbottoms from my eyes –
1. Superbottoms diapers are very cute, as you know I am very pro on aesthetics of the product. So bingo on that. They have amazing graphic prints on the diaper. #superbottomsclothdiapers
2. They came with one extra cloth to insert for heavy wet times like winters or nights or simply a baby who pees a lot.
3. The hand feel of the diaper from inside is mind blowing, honestly, I was like -all diapers should feel like this! It’s a pure bliss to use the inside of the diaper and I was rest assured my daughter would feel great in them.
4. It was easy to wear and take off. It comes with multiple buttons.Hence, great adjustability of weight. Can be worn by 4months to 1 year.
5. My daughter wore them for good 5-6hours, there wasn’t a real big time leak, although I felt that its time for me to change her diaper.
6. Definitely, baby skin friendly. I touched the wet diaper from inside to understand, how it felt and it was barely moist. Somehow everything was soaked.
7. Last but not the least, light on pocket compared to disposable diapers.
8. Environment-friendly, can be reused for months, hence lowering down the carbon footprints. #superbottomslovesearth


Now let’s talk about the most important thing-technology behind the cloth diaper from Superbottoms.
The outer cover of the diaper is PUL , which is why it’s waterproof yet breathable unlike plastic hence the baby’s skin is safe and fresh. The inner attached soaker and extra insert are organic bamboo cotton which is a natural fiber. This soaker is topped with a layer of suede which makes it stay dry. Suede draws in liquids and moisture but a baby doesn’t feel the wetness as a result. Superbottoms is the only cloth diaper brand which is CPSIA compliant. This means that they adhere to all standards which countries like the USA have mandated for any product to be sold there.

If you are a mom or mom-to-be and worry changing your babies nappy every now and then, because you pledged against disposable diapers, this my solution to your endless nappy change. You baby will have the touch feel of fabric on his/her tushy and you take 3-4 hours break from the nappy changing vicious circle. I highly recommend Superbottoms for your babies and it’s not just me who is worried about your baby. The brand is notch above all and took the pledge to deliver the best product. They are certified from The US , consumer product safety improvement act,, which means they care for your baby.

So don’t think for a second and change you nappy/diaper changing experience and shop now !

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