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Clap your bump



When you are happy and you know it clap your bump.

When you are happy and you know it clap your bump.  

When you are happy and you know it and you really want to show it,


This post is a blend of positive emotions and a little bit about what to wear when you are pregnant.  When you are happy and you know it and you really want to show it is clap your bump. That’s all I can say for my below Image. It was perfect day to be happy, it was kite festival. It was all about sky and sand and breeze and color and smiles and kids and bikini and kite surfing and much more.  Everything was impeccable and mesmerizing. It wasn’t about just kites; it was about people and their passion.  It seems that this day was created for me. Everything was fresh and airy and lovable. There was nothing that can stop you from smiling.


I had gone out with my husband and a friend, like always I was adamant to go even though it’s hot in Dubai. But I would like to believe I am God’s favorite, although we reached bit late around 3pm, but weather was more than fine.  We were so awestruck with the view that we all forgot we came together. Everyone was busy exploring their respective peace. My husband went for swim, I sat down in peace and our friend was glued to music and tides. We had some fun of our own too. The complete experience was about colors in the sky and the strong winds spreading them higher and wider. I would sense that the baby inside me was truly happy to see different cartoon shaped kites, flying so high. The sky wasn’t just blue , it was like a canvas for kite lovers. Everyone was busy struggling to match the speed of wind and prove control over there kites. It was a day when blues of the water and the sky were caught in color wheel.




And of course some tips on how to dress for the beach when it’s hard to sit or stand on sand or when you need someone to pull you up to stand. My first choice was a maxi dress but lazy me, didn’t wash it for the day. So I decided to slack it up and try something airy and fresh. I decided for my baby bump to breathe some fresh air in this marigold flare top and feet to feel grainy sand. I wore flip flops but actually not really really wore them… they were in my hands most of the time. I had let my feet absorbed between the  water and sand. My arms carried my same grey kimono jacket – thanks to my wise street shopping in turkey. This kimono jacket is such a savior. To match the mood of the day I wore a beautiful pink and orange new piece,   I wouldn’t say this is the best outfit for beach but definitely most comfortable to beat the strong breeze and fight away the sinking feet.


{Outfit details} Marigold flare top – street shopping Turkey; Grey Kimono Jacket – street shopping Turkey ; Slacks –  Max fashion ; Clutch – DKNY; Flip flop- street shopping Hong Kong ; Aviators – Rayban ; Neck piece – street shopping India



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