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Carrying you

carrying you

One day, I came to know
My belly has you,
For the First few months,
I felt really blue

Soon you grew,
Growing up fast,
From a size of a poppy seed to a watermelon,
I felt huge and swollen,

You started to move,
And kick me hard,
As if I wasn’t a good guard,

I just couldn’t stand or sit,
None of my clothes fit,
I used to cry sometimes,
9 months felt like a lifetime,

Now I have you in my arms,
Everything is beautiful,
You are my lucky charm

I am scared to hurt you,
Yes, that’s true,
You are tiny and delicate,
Sometimes I feel, in my arm, you are not safe,
I am frightened to drop you and damage you,
Sometimes I think I have no clue,
How will I raise you with feeling so blue,

Then I sit and admire you
While you are sleeping
My heart is filled with warmth deep within
That’s when I know,
I can do this,

Having you is a bliss,
Something that I don’t want to miss,
I might not be perfect for now,
But I’ll learn everything somehow

Some days might be rough,
Trust me your mom is tough,
I love you I want you to know,
You are the reason my world has a glow

Thank you for changing me,
For good and bad,
It’s hard to let go,
But I promise, together we will grow,
You’ll be my arrow and I’ll be your bow,

Nothing can separate us forever,
My love for you has no measure,
This journey with you will be my lifetime treasure.


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