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Black is black


Let me be clear no other Color – orange / green can be a new black. People say White is peace and calm. I feel black is silence and secret. One just can’t see through and yet leave you with questions.
Let’s not buy black because it makes you look thin, but because it makes you look pretty. The darkest color reflection on your cheeks and shine in your eyes brings the brightest celebration around you. You don’t hide away in the colors , you simply choose a spot, an elevated spot. I often hear people saying black is sad and depressing. But where I stand I see people smile in black , may be because they are sure whatever they want to hide and keep secret as it is, locked in the darkness of color. It makes people more confident and outstanding. Black tones down the thunder inside you. It’s like a mystery box .
But that’s not why I choose to wear black. I wore it because I wanted to celebrate the day. I am a hard core fan of comfort and colors.


This little black dress not only brought the sunshine on my face but also draws the coming happiness. Floral jacket is a sedative to the dark flowing thunder that I wore. The explosion of yellow in the floral jacket is shying and calmly blending away in the mood.

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