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Benefits of Baby-led-weaning

Benefits of Baby-led-weaning

Weaning is basically introducing your child other nutrients than breast milk or formula milk. Like how we introduce solid to our child. Baby-led-weaning is skipping the spoon feeding and let your child eat on his own. This definitely means a lot of mess and cleaning but its compared nothing raising an independent child. It is very important to create a peaceful and enjoyable environment for your baby. You may choose to feed them on a high chair or a clean floor, whatever work for the family. There are many Benefits of Baby-led-weaning.

Baby-led-weaning means letting your child eat on her/his own. Which means giving them the freedom to self-feed them. Letting them explore the texture and smell of the food. Giving them the control for their own food. There are a lot of benefits to this, as stated below.

Benefits of #babyledweaning –
🔸Helps to raise an independent child, they get the sense of control and feel less dependent on you.

🔸Gives freedom to your child to explore the different texture of food. This helps them build a healthy relationship with food.

🔸Helps her senses to great stronger and enhances their touch feel sense along with smell and tasting

🔸Baby builds a healthy relationship with food. As he/she can touch feel smell and explore to food in a freeway and in complete control of their food.

🔸Gradually baby starts eating independently without supervision.

🔸Baby helps to identify appetite. He/she can stop when full unlike when we are feeding the child. We put expect to finish the bowl.

🔸Understand dirty and messing feeling better and eventually lead to no mess at all.

🔸Learn faster how to hold a glass and spoon. Help their motor skills too.

Eat independently means messy house and messy clothes and messy baby. But growing up they very well understand the concept and food straight away go in the mouth rather than sliding away from their fingers. Sooner they get habituated with clean and peaceful independent eating and learn table manners.

It takes a lot of patience to raise an independent child. And baby led weaning is one of the processes to be practice.

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