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Beauty and Bike

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What I remember of her – a clear milky white skin with curly hair and average above height and guts that touch the sky. She must be 14year old then. She had no girl friends other than me. Pretty like heaven and boyish evil like hell. The perfect combination guys dig for.

We were friends and now we are on and off friends . Her parents used to be strict is what I remember. She wasn’t shy or pampered for being the only child rather was being supervised like CCTV in big boss. Tougher than tough. She was popular among boys and envied by girls.
Loved music and bikes and boys with bikes. Basically crazy about bikes. As far as I remember she always dreamt of being with a guy who is with a biker rather luxurious cars. I have never understood her fetish for motorbikes. May be because i love clothes and bag and all girlie things.  And today she is living her dreams and fantasies in Japan. Below is how she accomplished what she loved and you can’t buy this love , you have to live this one.
Nidhi Aggarwal, a designer at Yamaha Motor Company in Japan. Some people just know from scratch what they want to be and how to get there. I don’t know if she played hard or its was her stars. Today when i see her,  I never thought of her as an artist type and good with science at the same time but then she went to NID to finish her work in progress. She lived her love by working for Royal Enfield and Honda. Her journey sounds equivalent to bike thrashing.

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Its one thing to love and dream and other to bring it to reality . Living and feeling content every moment of your life , do what you love and love what you do. This one is for you Nidhi.
She has developed this new hobby where she expresses her thoughts through calligraphy. Amazed by her growth in life and surprised by her talents, on a special request, she did the below art work for my blog. Follow her on Instagram and see what she has to offer – https://www.instagram.com/nidhi_motoholic/?hl=en
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