Short stories

Bated Breath

Nurse on phone – “Patient sandhya is in labour but Dr Reema is still in emergency and she has requested you to cover for her.”

I took a pause for fraction of second and a zillion thoughts and emotions ran through my nerves. Sandhya is my best friend but dr Reema doesn’t know that, should I mention this to her?But then what if I am off the case?On second thought let me say yes, What if things go another way around. I can handle her family and be there for sandhya

Me on phone – “Ok, which labour room?”

Nurse – “labour room 3”

I rushed to the labour room. Sandhya saw me and I sensed the relief in her eyes. She was in cruciating pain. I examined her immediately and she was also 10cm dilated. I had no time left. I asked the nurses to raise the bed and hold her legs high.

“Sandhya simply push when I say so ” she nodded.
“Push” pause
“Push” pause
“Push” pause
“I can see the baby’s head ” “Push”

A Crying noise burst in the room and with bated breath, i said “Boy! Your 5 darling daughters finally have a brother. Congratulations. “

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