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A Boy must never cry

A Boy should not be shy

That is what the world implies

But why o why?

A Boy must be strong

He cannot be scared

Emotions are not to be shared

But why o why

A Boy can be shy

A Boy can horrify

He can be rough and tough

But Isn’t that enough

Tell me why o why?

A Boy can play dress up

He can do still do push-ups

A Boy can like pink or blue

Because Colors don’t define you

Then why o why?

A Boy can play with dolls

And say NO to cars

A Boy can be lean and weak

Politely he can speak

That is just his mystique

Then why o why?

A Boy can eat less

And not make a mess

He may not like to run

But has his own definition of fun

He loves to draw and paint

This doesn’t make him quaint

Then why o why?

Boy’s biceps are for show and

legs are to hide

To these silly’s rules

he doesn’t Have to abide

The World feels,

to rule,

it has to divide

But why o why

A Boy you be a boy

You are no more a Troy

No set rules to follow

No feelings you have to swallow

There are no set principles

Life is a miracle

Don’t live to be the typical

That is WHY!


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6 thoughts on “B-o-WHY

  1. Lovely!! That’s a wonderful way to put across your thoughts around stereotyping boys. This definitely made for a good read.

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