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Ayurvedic brand – Ang tatva

Motherhood is difficult and moms life is a daily struggle. We fight every second of the day to meet every end of happiness for our kids. I have great respect for working moms and even for mom entrepreneurs. When you are a working mom , you cut yourself from your daily life but that's not the case with mompreneur, that's because it is even more difficult to run a business whether from home or office. Today I want to talk about this mom run Ayurvedic brand – Ang Tatva!

But before that, a quick salute to the woman behind it, Misha . She is a mom of twins, which we all know is ever more difficult. It's like you can't handle one heaven and now you suddenly have two. The experience is overwhelming. Misha had a career in fashion and worked successfully with big renowned designers. After being blessed with two daughters , she decided to pursue her passion for homemade skin products. Initially, it started with an only love for herbs and Ayurveda knowledge and experimenting it on herself and family. The love for the product grew real fast, from family to friends. She started indulging herself more into old fashion methods of home remedies and that worked wonders for her. Going back to herbal and Ayurveda wasn't only exciting but resultful. Her belief in her products and methods cultivated into a full fledged brand – Ang tatva.

What is Ang Tatva –

Ang tatva is a homemade skin care product brand, targeting almost all the concerns of skin and hair. This Brand uses the goodness of age old miraculous herbs infused with Ayurvedic concepts to bring out the most organic products possible. Ayurveda is known to have potent medicinal and beautifying properties across a vast variety of ingredients which have long lasting effect on our skin. They strive to use the best combinations of these ingredients and create a range of products which is luxurious yet gentle. Each and every product is well tested and trusted. The brand offers a complete list of ingredients for each of their products enabling the customers to make an informed decision while choosing what is going to go into their skin. Well, the beauty of the brand is that they understand that every customer and their skin, hair needs and issues are different. Hence they offer one on one touch point and are always available to discuss the issue and help the customer get the right customize product for themselves. The personalized product experience is mind blowing. Let the two parties work together to resolve the issue (skin or hair ).

I have received three products from them -the miracle mask, Regrowth and repair therapy and Coffee bean scrub.

The Miracle Mask– this mask is actually a miracle, ever since Meera's birth I have been going bald day by day. Literally, my scalp started showing off. I was extremely concerned.I have had nightmares of losing all my hair at one go. That is when I spoke to Misha and we discussed my hair-fall issue, where exactly am I losing hair from, what area of the head and how bad it was. I even shared my pictures. She consoled me of my fear and sent me the customized miracle mask. The usage is pretty simple, apply it on alternate days and let it rest for 40-60 minute. Well, I applied it overnight. Thanks to my moms life (sarcasm), I have no time to myself. So this was an easy solution. I did consult Misha for overnight application.The product is truly a blessing, it did wonders on me. In the very first wash, I almost have no hair fall. In my second application, I felt itchy and burning scalp. Turns out I have miracle hair popping out. So it was my new hair trying to pop out and irritating my scalp. I just can't believe myself that it did show such fast result. I was completely surprised.

Now that's not just it, I also applied Regrowth Repair therapy.

Regrowth and repair therapy– this one is a hair pack. I have barely used this product, as with Meera it is slightly difficult. But then again, with all my heart and soul. This is the product is the purest gift. I wonder which of Ang Tatva product is not? It comes in a powder form and is supposed to be applied with curd with two tablespoons of it. This is the difficult part of keeping it at rest for 40-50minutes. Well, I am a lazy and bit impatient person. Excuse my failure of using this rightly. Even though I just used it twice, it has delivered marvelous results.I have had almost no hair-fall. Surprise surprise! 😊


The third product is my lustful product. It has my favorite thing in it.

Coffee bean scrub – I have an avidity to anything which has coffee. I can eat, sleep and breathe coffee, and when you can actually bathe in one, then why not. Yes, this is not like any coffee bath gel or wash. It has COFFEE, a real feel and touch texture. This product is fantastic. All you have to do it just gently scrub it on your damp skin and then rinse it. And just then your skin blend in coffee and you can sense the soft mid natural moisture of it. It's a heaven experience bath. I can go on and on about this product but it's in a true sense a experience product.

Rating – 5/5 ( rare but true )

Also, I love the packaging and branding. The bottles are of glass which is pretty thoughtful of the brand. Also, I am a bit biased to eco-friendly packaging, glass or wooden packing.
After Meera (my daughter) I have started believing in more home run remedies for her. I am shifting myself from allopathy to Ayurveda.The experience an of herbal product , natural product , homemade products are incredible. I am so glad and happy that I came across Ang Tatva and reviewed the product. This way I can express my love for the brand and my conscious efforts towards nature .

If you are more like me and having any sort of skin or hair issue or just love coffee, Then trust me you have to try Ang Tatva.It's my favorite hair oil product brand, I can swear by it.

Check their page and happy shopping!

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  1. Gud to know bout organic homemade skin care products ….. i would definitely like to try it out , especially the scrub….let me see if there is any organic hair color available

  2. Thank you for sharing this home-made product. It is very important for us to take care of ourselves especially in this busy schedule. Your article is interesting and tempting to try this product. I would recommend this to everyone out here. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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