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Augmented game – playshifu

How much we worry about digital media exposure on our kids and dread their addiction. Now we don’t really have to worry about how to teach them sound , habitat , facts about animals and space. We have playshifu to take care of it. Playshifu is an augmented reality game.
As adults it’s impossible for us to control our temptations of being on Internet and we can’t blame the kids. So this is the best product where you can go on airplane mode and peacefully hand over your phone to your little one.
Playshifu is designed by early childhood experts and parents, Shifu games for kids require an Android or iOS mobile or tablet to play with! It is an interactive model to take kids’ learning to the next level by arousing their curiosity to teach them words, meanings, pronunciations and spellings. Focus is on developing their cognitive skills and imagination through real world knowledge.
Playshifu is an amazing early learning game which comes with board cards and a phone stand and a bag. The box is pretty self explanatory . Installs the game on phone , one time internet usage required.
How I introduced Meera to playshifu –
Meera is very curious about animals especially dogs,cats,cows,ducks and birds.Something she is familiar with,because of real life vast existence on street. 
So to start with ,I first of all installed the game and placed the dog underneath the phone. Oh my god ! She was excited like hell and then I pressed the button sound as it said-woof woof. Even though she can’t speak but her attempts to imitate are strong. Then I moved to other animals like duck and cat and so on. I have just introduced her to animal sounds as she is small to explore all 60 animals together.
I also played pictionary with play shifu card to remind and test her to recall to animal picture and sound. She responded to few and definitely loved the sound of hippopotamus 😂. I placed her animal toys over the cards to help her recognise and build name recognition. 
Why I am sold for this game – 
1. Introduction to 60 animal in one game , with cards and right use of digital exposure 
2. Children can stay off internet and play only this game which is very educational 
3. Helps you pronounce and learn animal names
4. Introduces you with their habitat and also test and teach what the animal eats
5. This is my favourite and honestly I did learn some facts.So the game also makes your learn one unique fact about these animal. 
Everyone in my house from age 1 to 33 year old had played this game. It is very exciting and thrilling to see cards come to reality. I shopped three play shifu for gifting purpose after receiving one for review. Need I say more?Everyone loves this game. 
Go ,try one. It’s a must buy , especially to balance you baby’s screen time .

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