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Angry little bird

Angry little bird Angry little bird Angry little bird

Angry little bird
Was actually a nerd
She wanted books
But the gadgets hooked her

She wanted to read
Be someone who’ll lead
But she got stuck in a phone
This made her groan

She wanted to study
And make books her buddy
Rather she was forced to be a game
Every time she was played she was in flames

She wanted to recite a story
Stand and shine in glory
As others designed her
She got smothered

Upsetting her and making her mad

 Blamed her to be bad

She was no more calm and nice
And lost her mind and wise

Angry bird wished for her freedom
And live life with wisdom
She stood for herself
And excelled

Her dreams came true
So what if she has been read by few
She rebelled
And found her space on the bookshelf







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