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What is affirmative sleep talking to babies

What is affirmative sleep talking to babiesIt’s is impossible to expect kids to understand everything and inculcate it immediately. They definitely understand what we talk to them but fail to practice it. Affirmative sleep talking to babies helps them develop positive behaviour. What is affirmative sleep talking to babies? What does this mean? and how can one practice it ?

Sleep talking to your babies is close to hypnosis. Don’t worry am not suggesting something creepy. Practising positive whisper words to your baby while he/she is sleeping is basically helping the brain to subconsciously relate to the words. If you are experiencing any behavioural problems with your baby then there is no harm trying this methodology. This method helps raise an independent and self-confident baby. I have been practising this ever since my baby was 10 days old. I personally feel it has helped me a lot in raising a polite and well-mannered baby. My daughter was a severe colic baby and raising a child without elderly help is a task. It was impossible to console her. It is then when I started whisper sleep training her. I used to soft sing a song “Meera is a brave girl, Meera is a strong baby, Meera is a healthy child, Meera loves to sleep, Meera loves to sleep” and now that she is 1year old I have just added a few more words to my whisper song ” Meera is a kind baby, Meera is a soft baby , Meera loves to share”. My personal experience so far has been great.

What is affirmative sleep talking to babies

This is how you can affirmative sleep talk to babies.

  • Build a bedtime routine. A bath, book reading and feeding time. It is highly recommended to have a good bedtime schedule as it helps in their growth.
  • While putting the baby to bed, like a lullaby, using positive words to him/her. For toddler plus kids, simply sleep talk to them when they are asleep. Suggested time would be after 1-2 hours of their sleep.
  • Start with a thanking and loving quote to you baby. Like “You are such a good baby with great manners and mama papa love you a lot”
  • Don’t mention any negative words like “don’t ” or “no”. For instance, if you want to inculcate good eating habits in your baby and your kid is a fuzzy eater. Use words like ” Meera (baby name) loves to eat and finishes all her meals “
  • Practice this method for good 3-4 weeks and also be positive in approach. Be religious to affirmative sleep talk to the baby. Set an alarm or reminder if chances are that you might miss it
  • Don’t change or increase the positive words frequently. Let your child aboard the words you started with. Once you see positive changes in your child. Add or change positive words in whisper sleep talk.
  •  Most importantly be positive in approach and believe it. Babies can sense negativity or fear. So be positive towards the approach and show lots of patience.

We as parents go way beyond our way to help your child grow right and learn right things. This is another easy way to teach them, there is no harm in trying. Give it a shot.

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12 thoughts on “What is affirmative sleep talking to babies

  1. I do that a lot of times..also when my son would have done something wrong during the day…when they are about to sleep they are less active to run around and listen to the words carefully
    .it works like a magic..great piece of advice..

  2. Very very useful post…I heard a little bit about it by someone but I was not sure that it would work or not…But now I will definitely try…Thanks for sharing 😊😊

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing such valuable tips with us …I am definitely going to try it for my baby as my baby is of the same age as meera 😍😘

  4. Hi can you plz suggest my a how to make a postive sentence of I want yo say baby you don’t like to go to fiona mummy kayzen you don’t get excited when you look at her kayzen likes to play on the floor even if he sees big mummy

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