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Fun activity clothing and much more

Fun activity clothing - tiber taberTibet Taber and its innovations are what makes it different from other clothing brands. It’s fun activity clothing and much more. I am way late in expressing my love for this brand and that’s because I don’t think my words can justify my love for it. Being a mother, I just want to capture everything about Meera’s childhood in my heart forever. Thank God, we have smartphones for that but that does not satisfy my hunger for memories and I want to touch and feel her childhood mischievous act.

Fun activity clothing - tiber taberYou can’t keep every outfit of your baby with you forever. But you can keep the one I am about to talk about. This is my utmost favourite brand for its innovation. I have great respect and love for their products – Tiber Taber. These don’t sell clothes but honestly childhood memories.

Tibet Taber is run by two passionate women, who in a true sense understand kids and their childhood fun. Whatever I write about them, it wouldn’t be enough. Tibet Taber is the most innovative clothing brand I have so far come across. What makes them different is their two collection line – Innovate and Play.

Innovate clothing line from Tibet Taber –

Fun activity clothing - tiber taberWe are very cautious of our babies’ health and what they eat. Hope they don’t eat random stuff from the floor. They stay healthy, let’s not put powder on them because that can cause health issues and what not. We are also extremely concerned about   creams and patches. I remember my visit to India close to Chicken Guniya time. I had put patches on a bed, pram, her clothes and where not. And even had the sprays on! Totally unhealthy for the baby. But that was a purely out of concern and precautions act. I am not very happy with my decision.

Fun activity clothing - tiber taberUntil then I didn’t know about Tiber Taber. Tibet Taber offers the best product to keep your baby safe from Mosquitos bite issues. They offer a range – Mozz Amour – a jumper which is made from a mosquito repellent fabric. That’s such a blessing. Now you don’t have to worry what repellent to use on your baby, skin observes all the creams and that something we don’t want for our kids. Now we have a permanent solution -Mozz Amour mosquito repellent clothing from Tibet Taber. It doesn’t smell or hand feel different. It is WHO standard approved. It can be machine washed.It’s is just like another romper with an advantage of saving your kid from mosquitos bites.

Play collection line from Tiber Taber

Fun activity clothing - tiber taber

Is your baby messy and loves to draw on walks and table and himself or herself, well that’s sorted then. You need to shop, play collection from Tiber Taber. It’s the best innovation ever, so the baby can simply draw on his or her clothes. The garment is like a coloring book and it comes with sketch pens. They are a permanent marker and don’t really wash off easy. I personally love messy babies, just because the dirt and creativity make them look cuter. This collection helps your child to create something unique. Basically, it’s like your child’s first designer garment created by himself/herself for him/her.


Why I love Tiber Taber so much –

Fun activity clothing - tiber taber1. Kid clothing innovation took my heart away. It’s rare to find brands offering something more than just clothes.

2. The technology and the upbeat with trends. I had never heard of mosquito repellent clothing.So I was wonderstruck.

3. The play collection is not just a garment but an in a real life playful experience for kids.

4. Play collection gives kids to explore and expand their imagination

Fun activity clothing - tiber taber5. Not to miss that the brand clothing is basically a motors skill activity.

6. The prints of the brand are amazing, well you can color them whatever way you want

7. Silhouette of every garment is very kid-friendly. It’s cotton fabric and loose enough for endless playtime.

8. The garments are reasonably priced according to the brand offering.

9. Tiber Taber brand clothing is a childhood souvenir and can be handed down to generations.

Honestly, there is so much more to this brand that my words and blog post have fallen short of words. You much check their latest collection. It was launched at the kidsfashion week in Delhi and Mumbai. All the more reason to buy this brand for you child. Who doesn’t want designer clothing.

Head to their page now. And shop for your little one.


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