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4 Must-Have Earrings to Spice Up Your Ethnic Style

You know a good pair of earrings can do wonders for you! No look is complete without a precious jewellery piece and that’s a pair of earrings. Be it ethnic or western, earrings can actually lift up you look in minutes. It won’t only enhance the beauty of your ears but also give you a finishing touch to your look. Whether you go for Kundan earrings or stone studded, sway like a true diva with these beautiful pieces of art. Just carry a good pair of earrings and believe me you are good to go!

Here are the must-have kinds of earrings to lift up every ethnic look of yours:

4 Must-Have Earrings to Spice Up Your Ethnic Style

Pearl Earrings

If after diamonds, there’s something close to women’s heart then its pearls. These pearls are widely known for its elegant charm. Available in multiple shades like white, pink or lavender; they never fail to enhance any outfit just by adding in it. Since pre-history these pearl accessories are always in high demand. If you want an elegant and sophisticated look, just go for the pearl earrings. These earrings will never fail to amuse women. They are enough to lift up your ethnic look just by adding to your attire.

4 Must-Have Earrings to Spice Up Your Ethnic Style

Stone Studded Earrings

What’s better than a good pair of heavy earrings engraved with stones!? These earrings can easily pull off your look in minutes. Whether you are wearing an ethnic wear or western gown, it surely won’t disappoint you in giving a perfect chic look. Just one advice, avoid wearing any necklace with these earrings as they are all enough to grab all the attention for you at wedding. These earrings are available in a lot of designs and styles. Look for the best one and rock the wedding!

4 Must-Have Earrings to Spice Up Your Ethnic Style

Kundan Earrings

Trends come every day and went back to the time but Kundan jewellery has its own charismatic craze that will never fade away. With both ethnic and western wear, ancient or modern, bridal or regular; these jewellery pieces have become the quintessential item in every girl’s collection. If you want a royal look, just add a pair of Kundan earrings and enjoy the regal look. From your cousin’s wedding to regular working days, you can look majestic and classy with a beautiful pair of Kundun earrings.

4 Must-Have Earrings to Spice Up Your Ethnic Style

Silver Earrings

Who said only gold jewellery has the charm to pick up ethnic look and goes along well!? Try silver jewellery which is very much in trend nowadays. It gives a very unique and fashionable look. From little multicolour stones engraved to tiny beads, they can be perfect for your ethnic wear which got some silver work. Pick from a myriad of options including chand balis, hoop earrings, chandeliers, stud earrings, ear cuffs, jhumkis, danglers, statement earrings and many more.

Whether you choose a pair of pearl earrings or kundan, you can find the best one from a wide array of available styles and designs on IndiaRush. Maintain the style while maintaining your budget as well!

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  1. Lovely..among all the jewellery I rate earrings on first…I do like silver earring more than gold one…it really looks wonderful…nice blog👌👌

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