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Werner’s Oven

We all love to feast and enjoy our lives.Life is to be lived and cherished, be it alone or with family. Although it is a bit challenging to enjoy outings with kids, not every place is kids friendly. Well, last week I had a chance to enjoy a great appetite and family moment at Werner’s Oven.

Werner’s Oven is a German restaurant and baker at Joo Chaint place in Singapore. It’s old and authentic German cuisine restaurant run by a beautiful and the most charming lady I have ever met – Nancy. It’s one thing to have a business and it’s altogether different to have a passion for food. Nancy and her husband (Werner Hochbaum) started Werner’s Oven after coming back from Berlin in 1988. They realised the absence of a good German bakery and food in Singapore. That’s how they started with their first outlet at Parkway Builder Centre. Ever since there is no stopping them and the demand for a good bakery. They have moved three locations and have been upsizing them every since and presently located at 49 Chait place in Singapore. The demand for the bakery to German sausage to ox-tail stew to German crispy pork budgets forced them to grow at an accelerated speed and come up with a full fledged menu.

Today Werner’s Oven just not only offers soft, mouth melting bakery products but a complete elaborated German cuisine. I had the chance to sit one on one with Nancy who is a marvellous lady with expertise in cookery. She understands the calorie count and takes care of her customers. They offer sweet bakery products freshly made only on weekends. Keeping in mind the health of their customers.

My experience and happiness penned down below –

We are a family of three, blessed with 1.2year old daughter. It’s very important to keep her in mind while choosing a food joint. I have to admit my experience at Werner’s Oven was memorable. This is for the first time that we went for German cuisine with our daughter so it ‘ll always keep a special place for Werner’s Oven in my heart. The restaurant had a family warmth and vibe. Every table was full of love and smiles. I could sense the amusement of regulars there. The freshly baked bread fragrance was winding out and nose pleasing. We immediately took a well-lit corner table and my daughter happily enjoyed her high chair. She also waves at everyone around and even exchanged zillion smiles with a baby sitting across us. I am telling you the place had something about itself. It was filled with friendliness.

With some help, we narrow down our choice from the menu to German sausage and schweinehaxe. Well, baby needs to be fed too. So we ordered a mushroom soup as recommended by Nancy. I have to confess -my baby loved it, we all know how rare is that. So it was a win.


Farmer’s sausages were juicy and so well cooked that while writing my mouth is watering. The sausage meat is minced at the restaurant and it’s their one of the speciality dishes with exclusive cabbage salad. The sausage was soft and tender, so good that I just having one plate was enough. It just cut through the knife like butter and slides in my fork. The smell is killingly pleasant. Oh, I wish I can have one.


Knusperiege schweinehaxe is again one of their speciality dishes.It’s so huge that it can feed three people easily. The pork was so beautifully cooked and the skin was crisp like chips. It’s crunchy on Teeth and moist in the tongue. The size of the dish is so big that it’s impossible to finish. It comes with mashed potatoes slider, on which Meera hopped too. This meal is definitely worth the money.

It doesn’t end here.we had a sweet moist soft dessert too in spite of my our tummy exploding. But we just couldn’t control our temptation. And also got back home with ginger bread. It was a kind gift to Meera out of love and care. The ginger bread was out of the world, I have had so many ginger bread but they are never consistent with sweetness and the texture. This one was just perfect. It so so yummy that my daughter and I happily enjoyed it for our breakfast today.

So I conclude here that, if you are looking for a great bakery or German cuisine or some mouth watering sausage this weekend. Then just simply head to Werner’s Oven, highly recommended for all food lovers.

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