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Comfort clothing for babies – Indieprojectstore


Comfort clothing for babies - Indieprojectstore It’s not her, it’s the dress. She looks this cute and charming and adorable because of how she feels.And all she can experience is the comfort. We all want our babies to look perfect and pretty and dolled up. But it’s equally important that they feel at ease all the time. Babies can hardly express themselves. The only language they know is shouting and crying. And if you are intelligent enough to decode it in time then bravo! Else your time goes into the drain. Hence comfort clothing for babies is very important.


I want to introduce one of the most comfortable brands amongst my favorite baby brands –Indieporjectstore

Comfort clothing for babies - IndieprojectstoreBefore I begin to tell you what exactly and why I vote for this brand. Let the brand speak for itself. The brand came into existence in 2016 August and since then they have been every mom’s favorite take.The owner of the brand is a mom and she started this brand after encountering trouble shopping clothes for her son. This is a quick story behind her start. They were traveling to a rain forest and she couldn’t find any light weight, breathable prospective wear for her 1yr old son. As per American association of pediatric, usage or buying repellent and ointment is a big NO. So she had a hard time finding the right outfit for her travel. Well, we all know moms would do anything for her kids. She got a garment stitch locally. And the journey begins.Every man wants the best for their child. She was loaded with inquiries about her son’s outfit and that is when she decided to launch a kid friendly brand.

Indieporjectstore was established in 2016, and since then has been every mom’s favorite brand. Today they are associated with an NGO and support the community. The fabrics are locally sourced, designed by Indieporjectstore and then passed on to the NGOs or to self-employed business owners creating more income generating opportunities. They share their sales platform with multiple independent makers who encourage conscious consumerism

Comfort clothing for babies - IndieprojectstoreWhat do they offer as brand –
1. Indian transitional fabric on modern, contemporary silhouettes.
2. The fabric used is perfect for the hot and humid weather. A big no to synthetic and elasticated fabrics.
3. Skin friendly and breathable locally sourced Indian fabrics.
4. Garment styles are comfortable and chic, considering babies’ activity and mobility. Definitely loose enough for some wrestling session.☺
5. Prices are affordable ranging from

You can shop them from –

If you love your baby and want them to feel comfortable all the time. This is the brand you need to definitely buy.

Enjoy checking their site and happy shopping.

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