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Hold our present in pictures – The Pipal

Who doesn’t want to get captured forever in their good times? Life is too short to remember bad days but to cherish happy memories,  what better way can be than to hold our present in pictures. I have received this photo album from The Pipal. It’s not just an old-fashioned photo album, it’s made out of immense love and care. Well, that’s true, once you see the picture below even you will believe it.

photo albumThis old fashioned concept of printing pictures and stocking them forever as well as managing them carton by carton from one generation to another is my kind of a thing. I love technology and how easy it makes for us to capture moments and revisit them every second on your phone screen. But there is something missing, which is, the touch feel. We have sensory organs for a reason, the sight alone cannot do all the job. Like how we need music in our life’s, I personally need to touch feel things. It gives me a sense of liveliness.

photo albumWell, The pipal photo album, first of all, bought a huge smile on my face and my heart felt the warmth. The album reminded me of the moment when I first time held Meera in my arms. My life changed and it’s difficult to make someone feel that way , The pipal did it for me.

The album cover is cushioned and embroidered with Meera’s name and her birth details in baby pink and lavender color with cute bows to remind us that an angel was born in our lives. The cushioned cover is washable and the album has more than 100 leaflets to preserve your memories.


What is The pipal –

The Pipal started in 2009 by parents who were blessed with a son and wanted to have everything perfect for him. So was the birth of The pipal. It is a brand which offers personalized products for your little one.

photo albumWhy I love little pipal –
1. A wide range of Personalised products offering from babies to kids and themes to gifts.
2. The most innovative way of celebrating your love for your baby through different personalized products.
3. The quality of the products is top notch.
4. Product delivery- bang on time.
5. Packing of the product is so cute that I would never want to open it.
6. Customer service is heart warming, understand what you are looking for.

photo album

I am totally sold for this brand, I have never experienced this type of a niche personalized product, the photo album sent to me melted my heart. This product is forever, it has my baby’s name over it and reminds us of how it all started. Last but not the least, the cushion cover is washable.

This is going to be a forever souvenir for us with all our previous moments saved in it.

Head to their page and shop for your little one.

Thank you The pipal for sending this to us.

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