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Beauty and Bike

What I remember of her – a clear milky white skin with curly hair and average above height and guts that touch the sky. She must be 14year old then. She had no girl friends other than me. Pretty like heaven and boyish evil like hell. The perfect combination guys dig for. We were friends and now… Read More Beauty and Bike

Pregnancy Fashion

Live to die

They make you happy and calm. That is the magic of flowers. Whether in your hand or on a broach or on your dress or your bag, its hard not to notice them. Floral prints are unmissable. They complement any body type and anything. Wearing a floral print is like carrying a flower in your… Read More Live to die

Pregnancy Fashion

Sweet Pinch

  This is the one about balance. And it happened the day India played a T-20 match against West Indies .We often forget the equilibrium toward love. We get possessed towards our liking and then everything seems fine until we lose what we love. Lose and love have three letters in common , but they… Read More Sweet Pinch

Pregnancy Fashion

Black is black

Let me be clear no other Color – orange / green can be a new black. People say White is peace and calm. I feel black is silence and secret. One just can’t see through and yet leave you with questions. Let’s not buy black because it makes you look thin, but because it makes… Read More Black is black